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The Cry for Authenticity in Business | EP 37
Episode 3722nd January 2024 • Unjaded: Human Design for Intentional Entrepreneurs • Vickie Dickson
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AI will either build or kill your brand in 2024. It is absolutely the biggest driver towards authenticity in business. In this episode, we’re talking about how to leverage the AI craze to drive your soul fit clients to you with ease.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Between 2022 and 2027, AI generated revenue is predicted to jump from 81 to 407 BILLION dollars. What does that mean for YOUR business?
  • Embrace your own authentic writing style, and voice, to stand out.
  • Consider this - are you using AI to generate content, avoiding AI entirely, or strategically using AI?
  • AI according to your own unique Human Design.

People are not going to be drawn to your AI generated content like they will to the

stuff that comes from the heart of who you are. And where do you find THAT content? It’s in your Human Design, of course.

There we find your purpose, your message, and your tone of voice. When you speak from this place, you can’t help but show up authentically - and it will set you apart from the crowd - now more than ever.

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Join me, Vickie Dickson, for a sneak peek on how Human Design affects your health. That’s right, there’s a connection there too!

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