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The Art of Onboarding: A Deep Dive Into Employee Training and Development [RR 880]
Episode 8801st September 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Murray Voth discusses the importance of teaching and training employees instead of assuming they have common sense or knowledge. He shares personal anecdotes and observations from the automotive industry to highlight the need for employers to nurture a natural curiosity and desire to learn in their employees. He also discusses effective teaching and training methods, the importance of understanding employee strengths and preferences, and the significance of clear expectations and policies during the onboarding process.

Murray Voth, RPM Training. Listen to Murray’s previous episodes HERE

Show Notes

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  • Importance of Onboarding (00:01:13) Discussion on the significance of proper onboarding and the need to teach employees instead of assuming common sense.
  • Difference between Common Sense and Common Knowledge (00:02:21) Explanation of the distinction between common sense and common knowledge, and the need to teach skills that may not be common knowledge.
  • Teaching and Training Employees (00:03:11) Exploration of the practice of hiring "unicorns" (employees who seem to have innate knowledge) versus hiring good people and teaching them the necessary skills.
  • The importance of teaching and training employees (00:09:01) Discussion on the assumption that employees can improve with proper training and knowledge.
  • Assessing and affirming the fit of new employees (00:09:46) Exploring the need for shop owners to teach and assess new employees to ensure they understand the rules and principles.
  • The effectiveness of visual sharing in coaching (00:13:08) The benefits of using screen sharing during coaching sessions to enhance learning and understanding.
  • The Importance of Teaching and Training (00:17:13) Discussion on the significance of teaching and training employees, using personal experiences and examples.
  • The importance of employment contracts and probationary periods (00:26:44) Explains the need for written acknowledgment of probationary periods to avoid legal issues.
  • Onboarding process and company introduction (00:28:25) Discusses the steps involved in onboarding, including company introductions, purpose, and core values.
  • Creating positional agreements and holding employees accountable (00:29:24) Explains the concept of positional agreements and how they help in setting expectations and holding employees accountable.
  • The importance of employee buy-in (00:35:59) Explains how getting employees to buy into policies and procedures leads to better compliance and teamwork.
  • Using peer pressure in a positive way (00:37:35) Discusses using peer pressure to enforce policies and get employees to understand the impact of their actions on their teammates.
  • The need for structure and rules (00:40:56) Highlights the importance of structure, rules, and societal norms in creating a calm and peaceful environment, both in business and personal life.
  • The best way to look after a vehicle and a client (00:43:49) Discussion on the best practices for maintaining a car and meeting client expectations in car service and repair.
  • The importance of understanding gross profit and running a business (00:44:41) Exploration of the significance of understanding gross profit and having a clear business model for running a successful business.
  • Debunking the notion of incentive-based pay and the responsibility of owners (00:45:34) Challenging the idea of incentive-based pay and discussing the responsibility of business owners in employee performance and financial stability.
  • Reading for fun and retention (00:53:47) The benefits of reading for fun and trusting one's brain to remember key information from books.

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