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S1 E3 - Add More Profit to Your OT Business Using an Ascension Model
16th February 2021 • OTs Get Paid Podcast • Trish Williams
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In this episode, we start to discuss ways of moving from the typical pricing model of 1:1 service to adding other services to your suite, without working over time! Wanna add more profit to your business by adding more products and repackaging the 1:1 offers we already have? Then you need to know about the ascension model! Listen in as we discuss the nitty gritty

Then, it's our first instalment of a recurring segment, under the working title "Business Besties." Yep, I bring in my real life AND business bestie Kelly Casey Beins to hear how Kelly has built her ascension model (in bricks and mortar and her online business) and how it's helped her get paid!

Episode Notes

Kelly and I discuss:

  • What is exactly is the ascension model and how can it help any OT business owner?

  • Behind the scenes of two different ascension models and the exact pricing Kelly and Trish have set in theirs

  • Why every OT entrepreneur needs to put this into place

  • How much work is it exactly adding these services?

  • What is a customer journey and how it can help you

  • The importance of shifting from our ingrained time for money for one client model to time for expertise. Man, it's a toughie for us OTs.

  • Kelly shares her mindset change (still in progress!) that we don't have to work harder to earn more!

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Want to work with me on growing and scaling your business in order to get paid? CLICK HERE to see the ways we can work together.

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