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Saffari Mission Organization, Interview,Catherine Ligard with Host, Marina Maria
Episode 616th May 2020 • Global Gospel Worship Radio • Marina Maria
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Vidar and Cathrine Ligard - Biographies  

Vidar and Cathrine Ligard are the founders and executive directors of Safari Mission. They work on reversing the dependency syndrome that plagues Africa, and teach people to come out of poverty and to fix their broken systems. Many lives and communities have been changed through their work, and the people continue to teach other people in their communities the same principles. The Ligards have a strong emphasis on ethics and leadership, and empowers the locals by involving them in leadership positions and mentoring the local leaders. 

Vidar holds a bachelor in electrical engineering, a master in business administration and a certificate in ministry and mission work. Cathrine holds a bachelor in church administration and a certificate in ministry work. 


For more information about Safari Mission, please go to:

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