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What Remote Recording Tool Should You Use for Your Podcast?
Episode 1213th February 2023 • One Minute Podcast Tips • Danny Brown
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When it comes to recording your podcast when you have guests or co-hosts in a different country (or even city), you're going to need a remote recording solution.

So which one should you use, when there are so many out there? I always recommend Boomcaster, and here's why.

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You're listening to One Minute Podcast tips. I'm your host, Danny Brown, and each episode helps you be a better podcaster. Find all the latest episodes at or free wherever you get podcasts. And now this week's episode.


When it comes to recording an episode with guests, especially guests that aren't in the same country as you, never mind the same city, you're going to need a remote recording platform. Now, there are some great options out there, so Zoom offers a nice, simple, easy option. And then you've got dedicated ones like SquadCast, Riverside, et cetera. But the one I always recommend is Boomcaster. And there's a simple reason for that - it's built for indie podcasters and creators.


Now, it has all the features that other remote platforms have, so 4K video files, local recordings so you get studio quality sound, separate wav files to download, so post production is a lot easier and multiple guests. But in the recent version two that came out just a few weeks ago, they've also added some really cool features. So now you have Transcripts, live Closed Captions, you've got LUFS monitoring for sound levels and, the option to really optimize your studio so you can have your logo, your brand, your custom background image, brand colours and more.


It's got a really simple pricing plan. It's straightforward $20 a month, and that's for up to 5 hours of video and audio recording in 4K local wav with all the cool features I mentioned earlier. And if you need more than that, you just simply pay for what you need. You can check out Boomcaster at, and I'll be sure to leave that link in the show notes for you as well, so you can check them out too. Until the next time, happy podcasting.


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