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701: Passing on the Casu Marzu // Daring to Do as Stanley Dale 02 (Eric Ludy)
6th September 2021 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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This is the second episode in Eric Ludy’s epic fall Daily Thunder series drawing on the boldness and bravery of the fearless missionary ventures to Irian Jaya (Papua New Guinea) during the twenty-five years from WW2 up until the massive harvest of souls in the 1960’s. In this episode he dives into the strange and perplexing concept of spiritual taste buds. When we enter the Kingdom of Heaven via faith in Jesus Christ, there is a process of being recalibrated in our desires, our drives, and our determinations. In a sense, God gives us new taste buds to appreciate the exquisite feast He has prepared for us — a feast that we would not appreciate or be able to stomach outside His supernatural enablement.