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Coffeezilla - Today's Guest - Internet Detective Exposing Fake Gurus & Internet Scammers |RTB#45
Episode 1354th June 2021 • The Road To A Billion • Stefan Georgi
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Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve ever fallen prey to the fake guru’s and deceptive advertising that have flooded the internet…

Or wondered, ‘how far is too far?’ when marketers push ethical and moral boundaries...

You CAN’T miss episode 45 of The Road to a Billion with Stefan Georgi…

The call-in show where YOU get to ask him questions about copywriting, freelancing, relationships, scaling offers, entrepreneurship, mindset, and more!

In this episode, 9 Figure Entrepreneur Stefan is joined by internet detective and controversial YouTube personality - Coffeezilla who warns his 374K followers (would-be victims) of potential scammers.

Coffeezilla has taken on the task of uncovering the fake gurus and internet fraudsters taking advantage of vulnerable populations and everyday people.

While this may sound like an honorable and virtuous task, he isn’t always accepted as a welcome presence to those he identifies and exposes.

In this episode Stefan examines the online world of outlandish claims and Coffeezilla’s mission to make the world a better place…

One exposure at a time.

Here’s a glimpse of the eye-opening insights you are about to discover:

- Stefan’s jarring encounter with Coffeezilla that made him look in the mirror - ultimately helping him to be a better copywriter and entrepreneur

- The one influential question that will help you market from a more ethical perspective

- Powerful advice that can help you check your ego when you feel like you are being attacked

- The questionable morals and ethics behind the new crypto/social platform BitClout


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Show notes

  • How 20-year-old “millionaire coaches” and a personal health scare inspired Coffee to become an internet detective from being a chemical engineer.
  • Why agency and intelligence are NOT defenses for making over the top claims blatantly.
  • When claims about success stories become misleading and unrealistic. Plus, 2 simple ways to ensure prospects are a good fit for your offer.
  • With over 300,000 subscribers on his channel, here’s the simple secret behind Coffee’s YouTube success.
  • The shifts in the health and MMO space since more businesses have been exposed as scams.
  • Where Coffee sees himself in the next 5 years, in terms of content creation. Plus, the dream book he wants to write.
  • A simple habit to overcome writer’s block consistently, even when you’re burnt out or feel tapped out.
  • If Coffee is anti-predatory marketing, then why are there get-rich-quick ads on his videos?
  • 4 simple questions to ask yourself, so you can market ethically with ease.
  • The weirdest response Coffee received from one of his exposé videos. Plus, what Stefan did after Coffee made a video about him.
  • Why Coffee thinks BitClout is a scam and you should NEVER invest in it.
  • How newcomers in the DR industry can market ethically, even if they don’t have the luxury to be moral.

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