Nimbus Women Face The New Frontier of Dark Kitchens
Episode 2622nd March 2021 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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Nimbus Kitchen is a Manhattan-based commercial kitchen sharing venture founded by Samantha Slager and Camilla Opperman. With a goal toward helping more women shatter glass ceilings in the foodservice industry, these women embody the spirit of Women’s History Month.

This week on Order Up, we’re speaking with Samantha and Camilla about Nimbus, ghost kitchens, kitchen shares, and gender equality. We also speak with Nimbus success story Lisa Dorvilus. Take a listen to the episode.

  • (00:14) - Interview with Samantha Slager and Camilla Opperman
  • (01:16) - Launching a new kind of shared kitchen
  • (05:34) - What sets Nimbus apart?
  • (08:39) - Community is huge
  • (10:49) - Off-premise dining during COVID-19
  • (12:46) - Member success stories
  • (15:03) - Looking ahead in 2021
  • (17:36) - Interview with Lisa Dorvilus
  • (20:11) - Finding Nimbus
  • (21:19) - Immediate growth
  • (22:05) - Kado Patisri on Instagram
  • (22:23) - Kado Patisri

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