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Colloquium - Brian Adams EPISODE 28, 9th June 2021
Initiate Impact Virtual Family Offices with Bob DePasquale
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Initiate Impact Virtual Family Offices with Bob DePasquale

Bob DePasquale has a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism. Upon graduation, he worked in the radio industry and enjoyed the broadcasting side of the business. But eventually, Bob was recruited and moved over to the insurance and investments world. For 12 years, Bob worked for a Fortune 500 company, where he took the opportunity to learn as much as he can from the industry. Come 2021 Bob decided to start his own company, Initiate Impact, with the focus on acknowledging everyone’s desire for information, helping people get what they need, and partnering with purpose-driven families to make a positive impact in the world.

[00:01 – 06:25] Getting to Know Bob DePasquale

  • An insight into the episode
  • Introduction to the guest, Bob DePasquale
  • Bob’s background
  • Broadcast Journalism career
  • The Broker-Dealer experience
  • Leading with education

[06:26 – 25:50] Initiate Impact

  • Deciding to leave his BD career and starting his own business
  • Bob’s definition of a Family Office
  • Leveraging technological advances in a family office
  • The role of impact in their company
  • Helping the people make a positive impact in their lives

 [25:51 – 33:54] Integrating their a new platform

  • Integrating their new platform into their business model
  • Asking the right questions to spark conversations
  • The vision and the endgame for Bob

[33:55 – 36:13] Closing Segment

  • Reach out to our guest. See Links Below.
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes

“If you want to help a family, find their mission and purpose first. What is most important to them.” - Bob DePasquale

“You must always be grateful for what you have because you never know where it can go.” - Bob DePasquale

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Connect with Bob on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and his website https://www.bobdepasquale.com/. Check out their company website at https://initiateimpact.com/ 

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