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James Richardson | the Business Buying Brit
Episode 9412th January 2024 • Passive Wealth Principles • Jake Harris
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In this episode of Passive Wealth Principles, join host Jake Harris as he delves into an engaging conversation with James Richardson, tracing his unique journey from the world of music to the intricacies of accounting. James, renowned for his expertise in restructuring and turnaround, shares his wealth of knowledge on the dynamics of business buying and the crucial differences between financial and strategic buyers.

Episode Highlights:

1. The Evolution from Music to Accounting:

  • James Richardson discusses his transition from music to the world of accounting and business buying.

2. Understanding Business Buying:

  • Insights into the distinction between financial buyers and strategic buyers.
  • The concept of platform companies in the business buying landscape.

3. Strategies and Advice for Business Buyers:

  • Emphasizing the importance of relationships and patience in business acquisitions.
  • The value of regular meetings and tracking leading indicators.

4. Structuring Deals and Financing Acquisitions:

  • James shares his personal experience with financing his first business acquisition.
  • Discussion on structuring deals and the significance of partnerships and networking.

5. The Power of Mindset and Time Investment:

  • Recommendation of 'The Go Giver' for a mindset shift towards abundance.
  • The value of investing in time, highlighted by Richardson's experience of hiring a nanny.

6. Engaging with James Richardson:

  • Invitation to connect on Instagram and participate in his live course on buying small businesses.

7. Gratitude and Impact:

  • Acknowledging Richardson's contribution and impact on the business community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exercise patience and diligence in business deals.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships within the business community.
  • Importance of regular communication and tracking business health.
  • Explore various financing options and the significance of expert involvement.
  • Embrace a mindset of abundance and the importance of time investment.
  • Networking and community engagement as key to business success.

Stay Connected:

  • Follow James Richardson on Instagram for insights and updates.
  • Join his live course for practical guidance on buying small businesses.


Tune in to this enlightening episode of Passive Wealth Principles, where Jake Harris and James Richardson explore the journey from music to accounting, the nuances of business buying, and the profound impact of mindset and time management in achieving professional and personal success.