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Space Cadets | Guest: Richie W. | Meet Peen4U
Episode 221st November 2022 • Space Cadets • Johnny Mac
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LGBTQ+ People on Twitter Spaces

Richie has been participating in and hosting Twitter Spaces since early-2022. A lawyer for a governmental agency in the State of New York from the Hudson Valley region, and known in the Twitterverse as @Peen4U, he's had a fascinating journey from growing up in California to being educated at Harvard and Columbia. He's worked in Hollywood, later joining the pioneering LGBTQ television channel LOGO TV and began his career in law as a litigator in the Big Apple. Spaces has brought him a great outlet for social camaraderie and helped him survive an unimaginable life tragedy. On this episode of Space Cadets with Johnny Mac, Richie shares a lot of perspective on a variety of topics including why Spaces has had such a positive impact on his life.

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