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A New Orleans Ghost Story
Episode 51st March 2021 • The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide • Eric Payne
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Episode 5 is a ghost story, or should I say a story of ghosting, just in time for the 2018 holiday season. It's a tale filled with hope, mentorship, and an ending that couldn't have been expected but perhaps anticipated. The outcome of this story will set in motion a series of decisions and actions that will lead to series of less than desired outcomes.

See below for the episode acts and topics and their timestamps:

(01:15) Act 1: Creating Love In New Orleans

(06:59) Act 2: All That Glitters Ain't Gold: Mentorship, Creating Tribes, and Listening to Advice

  • Mentors don't have to be just for your business and your career
  • The types of people you should have in your tribe
  • Emotional intelligence is key to being mentored successfully
  • What to do when good advice is something you don't want to hear

(13:48) Act 3: When the Truth Comes Home to Roost

  • Why you need people in your corner to help you handle the truth
  • What to do and what not to do when someone is showing you who they are


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About The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide

Datin' ain't easy — especially the second time around. Join retired blogger ( and divorced dad, Eric Payne for his humorous storytelling escapades that take you along for the ride over the hills and through the valleys as he navigates dating life as a divorced man. Eric doesn't shy away from any of it – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the messy, and he isn't afraid to call himself out when he's the one being messy.



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