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056I – Feeding Your Body and Your Mind: An Interview with Bonnie DePue
26th April 2018 • WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast: Write a Book, Change the World with Kitty Bucholtz • Kitty Bucholtz
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Bonnie DePue is an Occupational Therapist, therapeutic riding instructor, and owner and founder of CHUM Therapeutic Riding in Dansville, Michigan, in the United States. As a therapist, Bonnie uses the horse's movement and environment as a treatment strategy for children and adults with disabilities; as an instructor, she uses the therapeutic nature of horseback riding to help individuals make physical, emotional, cognitive, and psycho/social changes in their lives while learning to ride. She also runs an integrated 4H club, does research and presentations, and enjoys riding and competing herself.

In this interview - recorded right after my own riding lesson - we discuss how movement not only improves physical health, but also heightens cognitive function. Bonnie gives a lot of great examples of how different kinds of movement can help us. She also talks briefly about the importance of nutrition in cognitive function, and underscores our need to drink a healthy amount of water. (Something many of us don't do!)

Writers know we should move more, but how much and how often? Bonnie gives some great advice on how to know what is best for you, and how that can change from one day to the next. Remember, fresh air - going outside, no matter the weather - for even a few minutes will help us, too.

If you're interested in the aromatherapy brand Bonnie mentions in the interview, here is the link:

Bonnie ends the interview by saying, "Creativity comes best when I step away from what I think I must do and go do what I enjoy. At those moments, I have to remind myself that I'm at my best when the passions that God has given me are filling my well. When my well is dry, I'm not any good to anybody and I'm not creative."

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