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Episode 119th February 2020 • Divorce, Healthy! • Attorney/Author Ashley-Nicole Russell
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Divorce in the United States is something that is often viewed as negative. While a large majority of people associate it with ill feelings, chaos, and never-ending conflict, that doesn’t have to be the reality of divorce across America. It doesn’t have to be your reality, especially if you’re about to dive into this process.

In the inaugural episode of Divorce, Healthy!, attorney and author Ashley-Nicole Russell, of ANR Law, shares her research on how divorce is interpreted nationwide and the culture of conflict that is associated with it.

As a child of divorce, divorcee, and divorce attorney, she is on a mission to change the culture of divorce. Through sharing her story, she hopes more people will realize that it’s possible to go through the divorce process and become a better, happier, and healthier person.

She believes that you have absolute control in the way that you handle your divorce. If you make wiser decisions with understanding and mindfulness, you lessen the likeliness of putting  yourself in a chaotic and stressful situation. You may not have wanted the divorce in the first place, but you can choose how you react to this situation moving forward. You are the captain of the ship, and you can steer it in the path that you want it to be on.

Attorney Russell talks about the direct impact divorce has on aspects of life. She explains that how you choose to cope can affect everyone around you including your family, friends, and coworkers.

Her goal is to guide you through your divorce journey, coaching you to be more mindful and aware. While divorce is painful and difficult, it can still be a positive choice and process for everyone involved. The first step is to know what you want out of the proceedings in order to work through healthy and informed decision-making. 

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