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The API Disconnect! A Noname Security Special with Karl Mattson CISO & Filip Verloy Field CTO EMEA
Episode 3725th February 2023 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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As possibly today's most misunderstood cybersecurity threat factor, this special shines a light on a growing API Economy - but equally a growing API Security disconnect too. Issues range from API drift, sprawl and lack of visibility, through to misconfiguration, monitoring gaps and challenges applying risk controls from pre-production to live. No wonder perhaps, that this has catalyzed much needed dedicated research such as the recent Noname API Security Report freely available here:

With complete and proactive API protection clearly an absolute imperative for organizations of any size, it could not be more timely to discuss this and the latest cybersecurity trends, expectations and behaviours including differences across both regions and verticals with two superb guests from Noname Security: Karl Mattson CI-SO and Filip Verloy, Field CTO EMEA.

We also explore the technology, testing, change management, DevOps best practices, developer empowerment and educational support that can help address the rapidly evolving requirements in this space. And if you or someone you know is curious around a future career in Cyber Security, please look out for the many courses and examples shared in this episode!

And we would love your thoughts on the show too - thanks for listening! Sally, Karl, Filip and the #TTT Team

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