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4·18 Bizarro Moya ⠀ (Prayer)
Episode 186th June 2023 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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Farscape 4·18: Prayer

John and Scorpius visit the unrealized Moya for information on Katratzi, while Aeryn Sun is tortured and interrogated by her Scarran captors.

  • “Crichton makes a perilous pinky promise while Aeryn does a tour of Scarran comfy chairs. Anthony Simcoe gets about thirty seconds of glory, and point-blank executing a random bystander is somehow the least frelled-up thing that happens.” (thanks Horseburd!)

in the style of Madonnas "Like A Prayer" (thanks Marky See!)

  • Katratzi is a mystery
  • Aeryn Sun is all alone
  • I hear her call your name
  • Djancaz-Bru
  • When she calls your name it's like a little prayer
  • To find Katratzi, Bizzaro stark will take you there
  • Jon makes a deal, her life for wormhole power
  • Aeryn makes her prayer to anyone out there
  • The show that keeps hurting you decides to change the pace by punching you as hard as it can. Road trips offer little reprieve but the show reminds us that our leads can act their multi-dimensional pants off. -- Look you try making a joke about this one. ” (thanks Mark Nixon !)
  • “Crichton and Scorpius make a tasty Scarren blood vow then take a road trip down a wormhole to alternate reality Moya to find Starkozu where Scorpius mercilessly helps Crichton get the info. Aeryn becomes a pincushion as she is tortured by Scarrens to reveal the father of her child, makes a new friend altho it's a brief friendship, and tries to find help by praying to any deity or devil that is listening to save her child.” (thanks Nickrude from Katratzi aka Canada!)
  • “Wormhole tripping! Take a spin through the wormhole to far away places or just an alternate reality if you don’t want to travel that far. Wormhole traveling may not be safe for pregnant women. Why not head to our Scarran spa to treat your pregnant self. Free baby genetic scams.” (thanks Blackrain !)

First aired on Monday, 17 February 2003, written by Justin Monjo, and directed by Peter Andrikidis

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