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Lessons in Growth: Early Marketing Mistakes and How We Evolved
Episode 224th August 2023 • Growing a Deeply Rooted Business • Jessica Walther & Rachel Lopez | Rooted Business
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Welcome to Episode 2 of The Rooted Business Podcast! In this exciting episode, hosts Rachel and Jess dive into the evolution of their marketing strategies from their early days as baby entrepreneurs, throwing spaghetti on the wall, to a more intentional and simplified approach.

Here’s what we dive into this

  1. Pipe Dreams in the Online Space: Rachel and Jess discuss how they fell into the trap of investing in programs that promised unrealistic outcomes, such as making a million dollars in a year. They offer insights into avoiding manipulative practices and being discerning in their decisions.

  2. First Clients and Their Marketing Strategies: Rachel and Jess share their experiences with their first clients and how they acquired them. Rachel mentions her initial client from Upwork, while Jess talks about her first clients through Fiverr and networking. Both reflect on their early marketing strategies, including social media growth and personal referrals.

  3. Mistakes and Course Corrections: Rachel and Jess share some mistakes they made in their early marketing endeavors. They discuss being patient with growth, investing in the right skills, and seeking the appropriate support for their stage in business development.

  4. Current Marketing Strategies and Future Plans: Rachel and Jess discuss their current situations in business and upcoming plans. Rachel reveals her move towards offering digital products and attracting the right clients, while Jess is focused on building her audience to support her digital products and refining her service offerings.

Rachel and Jess are excited about the growth of their podcast and share their enthusiasm for future episodes. They promise to explore a wide range of topics related to marketing, operations, and intentional business strategies, all aligned with their energy and expertise.

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Note: The show notes are a condensed summary of Episode 2 of The Rooted Business Podcast. The actual podcast episode would contain more in-depth discussions, anecdotes, and examples from Rachel and Jess.