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Social Media For Real Estate Agents - Bonus Interview
Episode 14Bonus Episode24th February 2022 • Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast (The REmarketing Podcast) • Jerome Lewis
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Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this podcast episode, we discuss how you can use social media to grow your business. We talk about all the different platforms and how you can use them to reach your target audience.

Listen to this episode now to hear about the benefits of social media marketing, which include:

  • Reach new customers and grow your business.
  • Connect with customers and followers on a deeper level.
  • Transform your business and see growth like never before.
  • Create a community of loyal followers who love what you do.
  • Connect with new customers and keep in touch with current ones.
  • Share your unique story and reach a larger audience.
  • Strengthen relationships with customers and followers.
  • Create a community of loyal fans who are excited to hear from you.

You’ll learn a lot of valuable information on this episode that will help you take your social media marketing to the next level. So make sure you tune in!


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- Your Digital Real Estate Strategy Team


Welcome to the social media for real estate agent's podcast, where we find rock stars and social media, and we get them to show us realtors how we can use social media to increase our business. I'm Lin Nathan Arle licensed real estate agent in Pennsylvania, New Jersey in Delaware. And my host today. Is Jerome Lewis.

Now Jerome is the author of two books. Number one, being the ultimate video marketing, uh, guide book for real estate entrepreneurs and real estate marketing. Um, he's also the founder of digital real estate, uh, the digital real estate strategy. And he also won the E XP university's instructor of the year award, which was crazy.

Um, he also hosts. Own podcast, which is called real estate marketing. And Jerome has helped over 5,000 real estate entrepreneurs from 40 states and four countries, which is mind blowing, man. Welcome to the podcast. Welcome. Um, thank you. I'm I'm glad to be here. Awesome man. I'm, I'm really excited about the opportunity man, to pick your brain, um, and just expose all your knowledge to the real estate ages, man.

So first man, why don't you tell us how you got to this point as far as having your own, uh, digital real estate strategy company. So.

Here. My story is like this I'm from a background of like it. Right. And when I first got involved in real estate, it, it was like several years ago I had a mentor and he was like, he, he I'll talk to him now. He's like, you used to be some shy guy. Some it guy, like I was, I, I guess I used to be shy and a little quiet, but I just had a conversation with him and he was like, you're not the same.

You. Way more direct now. And I'm like, yeah, because I have more confidence now, the point is like, back then I wanted to get involved in real estate. I got kids. Right. I got four kids. And at the time I think I had two children, one can't remember, and I was like, I gotta change my life. So I like did some research.

I was like looking online and it's like, all right, how do you get rich? Everything people looks for is like, the answer was real estate. So I looked, I was like, all. I've read after I found the book, rich dad poor that I read that book. And one of the things that was suggested either in that book or a podcast or something like that was like get involved in real estate.

And one of the things that you wanna do is you wanna get a mentor or a coach. So. I started looking for a mentor or coach. And I believe at the time I typed in Google, like real estate mentor or real estate meeting. And then I found a coach and this coach was like all the way in Texas. And I was like, but, but he was like adding value to my life.

And I was like, all right, I'm gonna work with this guy. He told me his price, which was $3,000. And at the time that was a lot. I was like, oh man, I can't afford that. I believe it took me about two years to save up for that money. I had to use my 401k and stuff like that. And remember I said, I had kids, so I I'm pretty sure it's two.

I had two kids and they was trashing me like for child support. So that's why it took me like two years to save up because child support was kicking my behind. Right. And I was like, I, I really want to do this though. So I saved up, I saved up my $3,000. I paid for that coach. I paid for that mentor. And then I started getting involved in real.

Again, my background, is it? So this coaching was, I believe, 90 days, 12 weeks, something like that. And I, uh, he taught me how to wholesale. Right. Everybody tell you, oh, you're starting wholesale. Now that I know what I know, you don't have to start there, but I started wholeselling and he taught me like how to door knock and cold call.

And some of it just whole school methods that I don't. Particularly identify with, but I stuck with it because I believe if you pay for a mentor, you pay for a coach, you should do what they say. And if you wanna change something, you go change it later. So I learned all of the fundamentals of wholeselling and marketing too, in a sense.

And then once I exited that program for, uh, I was like, you know what? I don't wanna do it that old school way. I want to use like technology to do that. So I, I started applying my skills, which were tech into the business and. Things still were not working because it was like just tech, right. It wasn't really marketing.

So, um, I, I got involved, like, I think, you know, about the company, like dig, I got involved with a local R here and one of the subgroup leaders was like, Hey, would you mind helping us with the it? I said, sure. I help them with the it. And this is all like just the short story, help them with the it. Then they had said, Hey, do you wanna help?

With marketing, you wanna help us grow the group? Get more people here. I was like, sure. So I started applying some of the stuff that I learned from the mentor and the coach to these real estate event meetups. and one of the really realizations that I had and confirmed through these events and putting things on was that technology and marketing were not the same.

And because of that, uh, like I had that understanding and then other people started to have that understanding as well. And because of that, I like, I exited that company that I was involved in and we, we had like a lot of like, Disagreements around tech and marketing. And I was like, you know what, I'm gonna go start my own company.

And help people realize that these are two different skill sets and it required, uh, two different like strategies. So that's why I started my company and our company. We, we specialize in tech as well as marketing. We can help you with either or so. That's the germination of that. Gotcha. Now, when you say that you can help folks as far as, um, because this podcast is geared towards real estate agents, mm-hmm , um, somebody comes to you and they're like, all right, well, listen, um, I wanna increase my business.

Mm-hmm I want to increase the number of buyers and sellers that I come in contact with. Is that something that your, um, company would help them? Yes. That's exactly what we help with. And we have three models. We, you can do it yourself, which is we have a course. We have books. Like, if you wanna go do it yourself, you can use those things.

We have coaching in the middle, which is do it with you. We'll do with you, um, mentorship, coaching group, coaching, individual coaching, and then we have a do it for you where we'll do everything for you. So we normally do that for companies that can afford it. Right. Some people a per or a person that has a budget to put towards it?

Yes. Okay. What's what's, what's the, what's the biggest problem that you see when realtors come to you when they, um, if they want you to help what's what's either their biggest hurdle. The biggest hurdle. I can't really, it's really hard for me to sum down into one mm-hmm , uh, there are several, and I'm not gonna try to go over several, but two that really, really, uh, stand out to me.

One is that they, they don't wanna spend money. Right. And I'm not saying that you have to spend money, but this is marketing and you got like big companies, like Zillow,, like they're spending money because it works. Right. Right. Uh, and then number two is they are. They have like unrealistic expectations.

So they're like if they are or willing to spend money, they expect to spend like a dollar and get, you know, several thousands of dollars out of the marketing or they expect to make a post and dance around. And then they say, Hey, it's not working. Like you have to be consistent. So there are like several things that I see, but those are some of the main ones that jump out to me.

Gotcha. Now, professionally, are you, is this your, your main focus? Are you still, um, as far as being a realtor, cause you are still, you still hold your license. Um, do you still do buying and selling or is a hundred percent of your focus? I guess on the company,

my license was never to primarily do buy in selling. It was to help me and my wholesale. Career. So I don't do a lot of that. I'll do it once in a while when it comes up. But my main, like real estate career, like the assets is like was wholeselling and now I'm moving over to creative finance. So, uh, I still utilize my license once in a while, but I do my best to focus on wealth building activities.

And buyin is selling is not necessarily wealth. It's a, it's a active, uh, activity. It can help you get there. But I like to focus on the wealth building activities. Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. Now, uh, with, um, with social media platform, I guess what platform has been your experience? That has worked the, the best four realtors as, as if you could pick one.

I know they have different objectives. Um, but if you could pick one with, and why would you say that that one works the best for realtors? If I could pick one, uh, and I understand cuz I always ask people, they're like, oh, I wanna do this. I wanna do that. I wanna pick. Talk, you know, I wanna dance around then I wanna do YouTube, like all this stuff and they all work.

That's the cool thing is that all marketing works. Every social media platform works, but the easiest by far is Facebook. Right. It's easy. And it's the most familiar. So I typically tell people to do Facebook. Okay. Normally, um, When people are talking about marketing, as far as like YouTube and Google, that's kind of intent marketing or an intent platform where people are going to search things where Facebook is interruption.

So people aren't necessarily going on Facebook looking for a realtor. So I guess why would you say that Facebook is the best place for realtors? If you gotta pick one. I would not say it's the best. I would say it is the easiest. It's the most familiar it because of those reasons. Right? So, because it's easy and it's familiar and uh, most people know what it is.

They know how to use it. So that's why we start there. Additionally, they have like interests and people might not be searching for these particular houses or how to buy a house, how to sell a house, but you can target them by interest. Okay. Gotcha. Now, with all of the, um, privacy updates that Facebook is making well, not Facebook, but, um, apple and I think Google just came out with a privacy update where I, I guess they're really harping on sharing people's information.

What changes have you seen in the Facebook as landscapes because of these updates? The most significant change that I see is that whenever something change people. And that's, what's happening. People are panicking and they're not adjusting. So the people that stick to and they utilize the platforms, they're going to get even more business because people are panicking.

So that's the most significant change that I've seen. Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. Now, um, how did you get your knowledge as far as Facebook? Was it just trial and error or is this something that you went to school for? It was a combination. So I did not go to school like official school for it, but I've took in several courses.

I've had several mentors and I've also done some trial and error. So. Okay. Gotcha. Have you ever been, cause I don't. Do they have like Facebook, uh, Facebook ads, conventions, uh, with Zuckerberg I don't know, but I've I do think, I do know there are like ad conventions and you know, and you can be even more specific, like a Facebook ad convention or YouTube as convention.

I've never been to any of those, but I do, I do see them. Okay. Gotcha. Yeah, I've seen a couple of them too. And I mean, that's the way that they, they make their money is, is from these, these ads, um, uh, jumping to Instagram, I guess. What type of growth have you seen from Instagram and the reason I'm hooking these two together is cause Facebook owns Instagram.

Um, so what type of success have you seen with, with Instagram? If any, Instagram is like you said, you hook them together. I just consider it as Facebook because the, like, when you run advertising the way I like teach or talk about it, it goes right over to Instagram. And I don't even separate the two. Like if it comes from Instagram, it comes from Instagram and that's that like a lot of people, uh, like organically on the front end people separate it.

But on the back end, when you do like advertising, it's pretty much the same. Okay. So I, I have the bottom line is I get success from Facebook and Instagram because of the strategy that, that we do, which is paid advertising on the back. Okay, so you don't really I'm, I'm gonna say it like this. You don't use because the, the reach, the organic reach of Facebook is terrible.

Um, as far as your personal page and your business page, do you recommend somebody have a business page or should they put everything on their personal page? I still recommend a business page and think about like this, if you're like, you're saying like the organic. Reach might not be great, but that's because it's a business page and you have to treat it like a business businesses have marketing budgets.

They have nice. Uh, so you gotta put some money behind it. Don't just throw something up and, oh, it's not working. like, it's a business. So treat it like a business. So I still recommend having a business page. You can drive that business page with your personal page, but treat it like a business, put some money behind it, spend money.

Uh, it works. That's why the other companies are doing it. So. Okay. How long do you suggest somebody does it? If somebody is doing Facebook ads on their own, I mean, cuz I've done Facebook ads and to be totally transparent. Um, I haven't really seen anything come from them. Um, I've tried different strategies and um, I've bought courses, but as far as Facebook ads itself, um, I've been doing them for years and I really haven't seen any.

Um, and that's, that's something that I've hear from a lot of agents. Um, but how long do you think somebody should keep with the Facebook ads? It, it depends on several factors, budget. It depends on your strategy, their content, like are you placing content that's valuable? Do you have like a proper website?

Do people trust you? So it depends. And the, the, the direct answer is until, until it works. So a lot of times people, oh, I spent a hundred dollars last month and it didn't work. . These are, these are people, people you're trying to get people's assets that are worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You spending a hundred dollars, $200 here and. Don't expect success, like be a little more realistic in your success. A typically people ask, well, what do you do? Which doesn't really matter, but just to kind of give an anchor so people can understand, I spend $50 per day. That's about $1,500 a month. And I do really well with that.

So. Gotcha. What I've heard. Um, people have, um, compared it to going in, when you first see your wife, if you just went up to your wife and said, Hey, marry me. She would probably smack you in the face, but you didn't do that. You went and you asked her about herself and you took her out on dates. And then gradually after time, then you ask her to marry her.

I've heard that reference with Facebook ads where you need to nurture. Your target audience first. And then, you know what I mean? Not, not just go straight to, to the bottom of the funnel, I guess is what they say. What, what do you say about. Yes. I say that you have to nurture people and you have to treat 'em like leads.

So like during my presentations, I always talk about the importance of understanding that leads are people. And I wanna jump back, right? Like a lot of people say it doesn't work, it didn't work for me. And there, there they work. Uh, there are several success stories. There's this, uh, Facebook has what it's called, like a Facebook ad library where you can go and you can research other people's ads.

So. Utilize that. And we just like, you know, like I'm an instructor for like XP something, somebody that I always like to mention and bring up because I really admire what she's doing is Krista Maho. Right. And she, her almost her entire business is based off Facebook ads. She does some other stuff within Facebook ads, but.

If you don't, if you think ads, Facebook ads and social media ads don't work, the, the platform is not the platform it's you? Like, there are plenty of people out there and Krista make sure she's one of, she's a great example of who to follow in regards to Facebook ads. She does even better than me. So. Just wanted.

Gotcha. I always see her. I hurt her stuff. Once you click on her stuff, it, it follows you everywhere. Have you taken her? I mean, not to digress a little bit, but have you taken her, uh, boot camp? The one that's like 47 bucks. I have not been in her bootcamp. No. Okay. All right. I mean, cause I wanted to ask you if it was worth it or not, but , if, if I know it was worth it though, I always get a lot of feedback.

So she came and she present, she presents for us once in a while. Like I'll have her come do our social media mastermind class and. Every every, like I always get feedback from the students and they always say it's worth it. And I know for $47 that it's easily worth the $47. And I, I like we are of the same, like some of the same like marketing mentors.

And I know for a fact, if it wasn't worth it, she I'm pretty sure she has a money back guarantee, cuz it's not about the money. It's about the commitment you paid her $47. It's a different mindset. These type of people you paid the $47 you go in there and you get the value and if it wasn't worth the money, then get your money.

I know easily that it's worth the $47. Okay. Yeah, I was on that last, um, class that you had with her. Um, it was definitely worth the time. So I think probably the next time that I think, I think it's happening right now, it was on Monday, Tuesday and, and on Wednesday. But, um, that's neither here nor there. Um, let's jump into YouTube, I guess.

What are you guys doing with, with, uh, I I post a YouTube is my favorite platform. I post a lot of content there and I not only use, I, I mostly don't use YouTube for marketing. I use it for like storage and, uh, I do like strategies to create other content. So, uh, I think we grown up to like 1,500 subscribers right now.

of people, like right now in:

What, what do you say to, um, agents out there who are afraid to get in front of the camera? They're afraid of video? Um, I can't think of a better way to say like man up. I don't wanna be. Like sexist, but it's like, you gotta get all right. Get over yourself. Okay. And if you're like not doing video, you're missing out on a huge demographic, right.

Because there's a stat. And we have like later, later, like in our social media mastermind, we have, we have two. Video classes, right. We have one around video and lead generation, and then we have, uh, on the fourth week we do, we have hiim ma come in hiim ma Resendez and he teaches how to use YouTube for your, uh, to generate leads.

And one of the stats that he always bring up is that. 80% of people online prefer and utilize video content. So if you're not using video content, you're missing out on at least 80% of those users. So you gotta like get over yourself about, I'm scared to do the video. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say.

You gotta get over yourself because you're doing a disservice to you as well as your clients. Gotcha. Gotcha. Now, what type of equipment would you suggest them to use for video? Right. So video this that's another thing that comes up a lot. And for video content, The only thing you honestly need is your smartphone.

So you whip out that phone, you talk to the camera and that's about it now. That's all you need. However, there is one suggestion and there's only one suggestion because I I'm like, I like people to get results. I'm a bottom line person. So. The smartphone is the only thing you need, but I would suggest, and this is a, maybe it's not necessary for you to create video content, but I would also suggest a microphone and I'm gonna keep it very easy to understand, right?

So in the very beginning, get a live layer microphone, and then once you get out there and you start producing, you have enough content, then you can think about upgrading all of the other stuff, how to edit, how to add fancy stuff to your video, how to cut things in and out. So, uh, the only thing you need is a smart.

But I also suggest a microphone, but the microphone is not necessary. Okay. What about editing as far as editing your. You're reading. So yeah, so editing is ver I, I like to go back because these things hold people up so much, first of all, they're already scared to do video. Right. Right. And then number two is like, it's like, oh, what do I do?

It's like, it's all this technical stuff around video and editing and whatever. And so I typically suggest that you not edit. Right. And I'm trying to figure out the number, like a number of videos that you have before you start editing, because editing the thing about editing is that you need content to edit.

Like, if you don't have content, you can't edit anything. So people always worry about editing. It's like, yeah, I wanna edit. It's like, well, do you, how much content you got nothing. Well, do you need to create the content first? And then you worry about editing. So I'm trying to figure out a number of videos that people need to do before they think about editing.

And I. Number keeps fluctuating. I'm thinking of like 10, like once you get comfortable and you do 10 videos, then you, maybe you can think about editing. But I typically suggest that people don't worry about editing at all. And if you are one of those people that's not comfortable. And you're like to the point where it's like time for you to start editing mm-hmm uh, then I have an instructor like Nick Nehouse.

He runs the business video school and he's he's. He suggests that people hire that out. If you're worth more than $25 an hour, then you should hire out your. Okay. And I, I agree with that. Like he's more, uh, he's a better expert on that than I am. Mm-hmm I, I trust and I suggest his device, if you're worth more than $25 an hour, which most of us, most of us should be then higher out debt.

Okay. I got, yeah, I do my own editing. I use, um, we video. We it's a, it's an online editing software. And, um, it does take a, it takes a while. It takes a, a while and, um, always tell people they gotta get over the perfectionist thing as far as trying to make everything perfect. And just understand that when people see the video, they know that you're a human and you may mess up, you know what I mean?

Once or twice, um, content. Content is a big issue that I hear from different agents. Well, I don't know what to shoot. what suggestions do you give them as far as where to pull that inspiration or that content from. So there are so many, so many ways to kind of pull content. And one of the ways I'm gonna plug is our company, right?

SOP. We have a cool, what's called the content library here at ex P in thep marketing. And there is a ton of content for you to pull inspiration from there. Right? So that's number one. Number two. What I'm gonna suggest is I have a, a workshop that I teach called, uh, content frustration. Content creation, frustration elimination.

It's a one hour workshop and it teaches you how to get content around the topics that people are concerned about on. Line. And then the third suggestion for content I'm going to suggest is that you just look at other people's content. So if you're on YouTube and you see some content that you like, you see somebody creating something, you just model that content, you see somebody on TikTok, Instagram, whatever model that content, and also check other industries.

So what are they doing over in the sports industry for content? Okay, they're doing that. Well, you pull it and you bring it over to the real estate industry. Right, right. That last suggestion. That's what I do. I just look at other people's content and it's just like, Hey, let me just put my spin on it. Um, put my sauce on it and then use it versus just sitting up there and trying to, as they say, remake the wheel over and over and over.

Cause people probably have done it. It doesn't matter what you're thinking of people have probably already done it. So, um, I'm gonna touch on a, on a sore spot for you just because we do have some experience with each other. And so we're, we're gonna talk about TikTok for a hot minute. Um, now TikTok, organically is getting the most reach.

And if the name of the game in marketing or advertising is contact. TikTok is getting the most reach organic reach because as you know what happens with these platforms is they, they want your attention. So Facebook and Instagram, like we already mentioned, the organic reach is almost dead, cuz they want you to pay for it because they've reached that status where almost everybody is, is on them.

But these other platforms are trying to take your attention away from them. How do they do that by giving the content creators, uh, more access or more organic reach. So right now I think viewer wise, uh, TikTok is getting more attention than. So, I guess what's, what's been your experience with TikTok or have you even delved into it yet?

Yeah, so I don't even dive into TikTok because I have too much success on the other platforms. It's just no need. Gotcha. So I don't even touch TikTok. Um, okay. Yeah. I have my opinions. I have my reservations about it. I know, again, like I said, in the very beginning, you can succeed on every platform. I just think.

Best for, to go with the other platforms because they're older, the demographics are older. People understand that, like people are still trying to learn TikTok. Can you imagine, look, I, I'm not trying to make fun of them. Can you imagine those boomers though? They're trying to figure it out. You don't understand it.

I see em. Yeah. I see. 'em listen, I'm on TikTok and um, I will say this there's no other platform for business information. Like TikTok and I'll tell you why. Cause you only get 30 seconds or 60 seconds. So you gotta get right to the point Facebook, you can, like you said, you can do lives. You, you can do things.

You can put videos on there. You can have an intro where you can do all of that stuff. YouTube, you can, but TikTok, you gotta get to the point. I think me personally, that's a better use of my time because I know exactly what you're saying. And in the first two seconds, I know whether I wanna skip this or, or not.

And your information has to be within that 30 seconds or 60 seconds. So, um, I would definitely say to look at it, but, um, like you said, you're having, uh, great experience as far as Facebook. So what are. On Facebook. What exactly are you advertising for? Is it buyers and sellers? Is it for sale by owners or so I use TikTok in several ways.

I do I use events or, yeah, Facebook, YouTube. I do events like real estate events. Okay. I do. I have a book. Up selling. I also do mostly sellers. I did do buyers for a while, but okay. Buyer, the market, the way the market is, man is buyers are easy. So, uh, specific to real estate, I like to advertise for buyers.

I am, again, I primarily am a real estate investor, whole seller, you know, I get those type of leads. So that's where I generate that's who I target people that. Problems with their houses wanna to sell it like a creative on our, or an alternative way. Okay. And are you keeping, are, are you driving them to a website or are you just keeping like the, um, the lead generation form on Facebook?

So it depends. We split tests and we do several things right now. We're driving them to a landing page at. Okay. A landing page. And is that something that you recommend for people who, who are doing advertising to get people to landing pages right now? Yes. Okay. And are, um, because we're with E P we get a landing page through, um, KV core.

Are you using that or do you have your own separate landing pages? I have my own separate landing pages. OK. Okay. Is there, is there any reason behind that? Behind having my own separate pages. Yeah. Versus using the KV core landing pages. Yeah. Because, uh, several like number, like one is, I'm pretty sure I could shift the KV core landing pages to represent like what I do specifically, like, uh, Distress homeowners, but I just don't have the time too.

Like I, I run a marketing agency, so it's a good representation for us to use our own sources. So that's one of the reasons why we use our own landing pages as well. Okay. What other, um, what third party? What, what third party apps do you recommend that you find that helps people in their social media campaigns?

Third party pages. Third party apps. If I had to pick, like, I, I it's so many apps, so many applications that I recommend mm-hmm and generally I try to shift people to try to use video marketing in their advertising. So I'm gonna shift to like video apps, uh, And one of like, we talk about like editing earlier, the editing app that I recommend, like, if you are going edit by yourself, is there's an app called caping.

K P w I N G. I recommend you use that because you can do so much use utilizing that app as far as video editing, as far as creating content. Uh, so that's one like for video editing, it's so many apps. I can't think of them, but next kava is a great app to utilizing your business for like graphic design and making your stuff look pretty.

And let's see that. That's all I got. I like kava. I like a P as third party apps. I can't think of anyone's off the top of my head and I probably need to get together a list of those third, one more, uh, SAP. Because it helps like automate different processes. So those are three apps that I recommend. Third party apps.

Yeah. I, I love Canva. I always like that's my go to everything is like, well, let me go to Canva. And I mean, they could do websites. You can do websites on there. Now it's just so much with Canva. They got me paying for the pro versions. I pay for the pro version easily. It's like what? $200 maximum, if. It's like, it's worth it.

People, man, people like, oh man, I don't wanna pay for another subscription. I don't wanna pay for this. I don't wanna pay for that. Like you not paying for stuff and you're wasting your time, but canvas is so worth it. I got this video where I show like why you should be using canvas because it's nowhere you create something one time and then you just press that duplicate button.

And then all you gotta do is modify it. It's such, it's so high in productivity and efficiency. So that's why I like canvas too. Right. Uh, right. I, I use it. I mean, several times. Day. Um, what about email marketing? Um, do you, do you, do you create a list? And email to them. What's your, what's your thoughts on email marketing, email marketing, as in, in terms of the digital space is the most effective form of marketing.

Like you talking about like digital, like you have to have a email list where people subscribe to you. You're gonna make the most money from that list out of any, all of the digital, digital stuff out there, email marketing is gonna make you the most money. So I highly recommend it. I use it, but, um, yeah.

Okay question. Um, cuz this is what, and maybe other realtors, um, they feel this also is when you have a client and a client says I'm not interested. Mm-hmm are you taking them off the email marketing list or are you just keeping them on for what if in the future? It depends on how they told me that they were not interested, but I generally do not remove people from anything unless they tell me to.

So okay. If, if they say, and this is like, so let me be careful, email marketing. If they say I'm not interested with email marketing, the spam laws requires you to put a unsubscribed link in the email. So somebody is truly not interested. They can put, they can click on that unsubscribed button and get off the list.

So this is generally why I do not remove them from the list. Okay. All right. That makes sense. That, that makes sense. Now, do you do any, as far as radio or television ads? I don't, but I do direct mail. I'll hit people in the mailbox, so. Okay. And is that something that you automate or are you doing this by hand?

It is right now is a hybrid. So some of it I do by hand, but it was so overwhelming that I dedicated it to a fulfillment center, so, okay. It's in that process right now. Gotcha. Gotcha. Now, most, most of your, um, most of the things that you do with social media in general, are you doing them yourself or do you have a VA do it, or you have a partner that do it.

For example, somebody comes to you and they wanna do Facebook ads. Are you taking our information in addition to somebody else or you're actually doing it your yourself? So most of what we do is we, we have a agency, so we got teammates. Partners and members that handle a bulk of it for us. And I I'll still do some stuff once in a while to make sure, um, I know what's going on and I understand how to utilize stuff.

So there's a combination of things, but mostly like, if, like what you're saying, if somebody came is like, I wanna do some Facebook ads, I wanna do this. They want the, uh, we, we, our team will handle it for them. So, um, Okay. Now, how would, how would you recommend a realtor? Because things are always changing.

How would you recommend a realtor stay up to date on what's going on in the social media space?

I'd recommend they. Hmm. Uh, they follow this podcast. Okay. easy facts. Yeah. Easy facts, facts, facts, facts. And, um, tell us about your podcast. As far as the, uh, real estate marketing podcast. What type of things are you guys covering over there? So our podcast is about. What it says real estate marketing. So it's about entrepreneurship.

It's about marketing and it's about real estate. So mostly we have real estate professionals come on and share experiences, share things around the real estate industry, marketing leadership, entrepreneurship. So. Okay. So is more, is it more of a monologue type podcast or like you say, you have different guests that come on and they talk about what their specialty is.

We have a mixture, so I do some monologues once in a while. I'm always, I'm also trying to encourage my partners to do some monologues. And then we have like an interview format. Very, very similar to what we are doing here. Uh, a majority of the content is the interview format. We just recently. Connor, you know, Connor, Connor just came in.

Right. And his podcast released, uh, we split it into two, uh, today as well as yesterday. So we got, we got different formats on there. Okay, awesome. Awesome. Can you give us an example of one of your students or maybe somebody, a project that you took on where they had massive success, as far as using social media to increase their business?

Yes, I have a, I got several, but one of my favorites is since people like to be so cheap, I don't wanna spend any money. Is . I like to bring up Judy, her name's Judy Burke. She's an agent here with our company E X P, and we taught her how to we have this. Method called the Google review method, where you go, when you give reviews on companies and then people will find your profile on Google somehow.

And Judy man, this she's killing it. She is killing it. And it's nothing like seeing somebody come in and do better than you. So she took that Google review method, and I forget, like she got some outrageous amount of views. It's something like, uh, I. 5 million. I might be undercuting it maybe 12 million or something like that, but she got all these views and she closed several deals from just posting an organic Google review about, I think, a farmer's market or a target or some store that she posted and people were able to, to discover her business you, because of that Google method that Google review method.

Wow. I've, I've never heard of this, uh, technique before. That's why you gotta come to the classes. You gotta come to the

Now, does your company offer, um, a carte classes or is it just social media in general is just one class. So. My company, we, we do like work. I, I mostly focus on marketing implementation. So a lot of my stuff is workshops and I'll post a lot of the concept and theory stuff on social media, like YouTube, like Instagram.

Uh, but we have a Facebook group where. So there's, there's two arms I'm, I'm getting off track. There's two arms, the arm where I do, like, I teach inside OFP university. Mm-hmm generally, that's a mixture, but I typically try to, like, when I teach, I like implementation. I like to show people how to do this thing.

And then the, uh, so that's the ex P arm, right? And we got several formats. We got week one. We do Facebook week two. We do marketing concepts, week three. We do video marketing week four. We do YouTube. For leads. And then when we talk about like my company, like my specific company, digital real estate strategy, we generally try to teach, work, teach workshops.

We have several of those, uh, going on, like throughout the months. So we teach around real estate investing. We teach around real estate marketing, mortgage notes, all kind of stuff we teach. So those are the typical structures. And I can't, it's so many classes and we got so many workshops. I can't even begin to like list them all out.

Gotcha. Gotcha. Well, let's um, I see, let's talk about the book first, the, uh, real estate marketing book. Um, what exactly are you, are you going, I mean, of course it's marketing, but more specifically somebody gets that book. What are they gonna learn from that book? They gonna learn how to market themselves and their business as real estate entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, agents, investors.

So agents, investors. So somebody, like I said, a real estate agent or a wholes seller. Yeah. Either or either or either or okay. And, um, We do have it in the background there, RA marketing Um, and we will have, um, hopefully we, we can get a discount for our audience. Um, if there's some promo code, we can put it in there for social agent.

I'll put that in the, in the notes or in the description of this, um, a link for that when that's up and, um, yeah, we'll take care of you and I'll even do like maybe, you know, maybe 10 free for the first 10 people that sign up or something like that. So, awesome, man, make sure y'all go out and definitely get that.

And, um, tell us about the course that you guys. so we have a course and same, same concept. The course teaches you exactly what to exactly what I've done at my business to have successful, uh, to get leads from social media. So it, it teaches you from a to Z how to use Facebook. We also have a Google ads, masterclass module in there, so you can learn how to use Google ads and YouTube ads in your business.

So it's exactly what I do in my business. It's exactly what's working. You can find out more about Okay, excellent. And we'll have a link to that in a description also. And just, just so you guys understand ex P is the fastest growing brokerage in the world.

Okay. Over 75,000 agents, 75,000 agents. And this man was the instructor of the year. So this is this isn't a small task and, um, the information that made him, the, the instructor of the year for the fastest growing brokerage in the world, you guys will be getting access to. So I'll have a link for the book.

I also have a link for the course in the description. Um, and then hopefully we'll get some love on the price and a couple free copies out there also, but whatever it is, you need to pay for it. You need to get it, but more importantly, once you get it, you need to implement it because a lot of people get the information and they don't implement it.

You have to ex it's all about execut. It's all about execution, man. So, um, alright. We would definitely appreciate your time, man. We wanna wrap this up, but every guest, what I asked them is for a play. Now I'm hoping we can get the Google review play, but if we can't get that, um, can we get a play that a real estate agent can watch this podcast and they can implement immediately after the show.

So. Type of play. Can you give us, so let me try to serve both. I wanted to give like a video play because of how important video marketing is, but the Google review play the Google review play, and maybe you can combine it. So maybe you do video, right? Maybe you add a video instead of like, we typically, when we do Google, it's like pictures, but the Google review play is.

You can go on Google as yourself as your business, whatever, like just pick one, don't overthink it. You can go on Google. And every time you visit a place more specifically like businesses, like let's say like Judy, she does target cuz a lot of people go to target. But any place that you visit, you can kind of leave a review.

You can take pictures, you can talk about your experience and you can do really well by leaving a review. So the Google. The Google review play is doing that. Right? So as an example, there is a daycare that my children attend and they're on the Google maps. So I've visited that daycare before. So what I went, what I do is you go into Google maps and you leave a review for that particular business or that particular area.

So I've even done this for like a playground where I play basketball, just leave a review. And when you leave reviews, while other people are search. Your reviews come up in suggestions, or it just comes up. It comes up on Google, right? I can't explain all the details and people view that stuff. And that gives you exposure.

People viewing that. So they get to see you as well as your business, and that can help you attract business. And the more people that see it, like if Google appreciates your review, they start to suggest it to other people and other people get views. So Judy, uh, she, she. Like got a couple million dollar listings from using this Google review play.

So the bottom line of the Google review play is that you want to go into Google, let's say, uh, a particular business. Probably you ideally wanna hit like a business, a public area park, something like that. And just take pictures, take several pictures, make sure they look decent and leave a review about your experience or give your opinion about that particular public place public area.

So is that helpful? Does. Man that was gold. That was straight gold. Cause here's the thing, you know, what's crazy is this morning. I got, I, I don't, I don't, I don't systematically leave a review in Google, but, um, There's a, um, cause I, I live in own university city, so there's a, um, smoothie shop that just opened up near 45th and, and Walnut mm-hmm

And I went there and I was talking to the brother and he was a nice brother. So I said, okay, well let me leave a review cuz I wanted more people to go there. Cuz several smoothie shops were in that location, but they failed mm-hmm and Google told me today that my review reached 100. Views now I wasn't trying to, I was just trying to be nice as far as leaving the review, but you just kind of made the connection.

Mm-hmm that? Okay. If I systematically do this, as far as places that I go, I'm dropping, I'm dropping my business card here and dropping my business digitally. I'm dropping my business card here. If I do it once a day. At the end. I mean, at the end of the year, that's 365 points or business card, digital business cards that you've put in digital, um, in Google search engine watch.

And, and it's gonna go up to like you, so you just did it today? No, no, no, no. I did this maybe during the summer. Okay. Did you, did you take pictures with. No, it's just a simple, yeah. A text. It's just a text. Yeah. So if you, if you take pictures with, and there are some like little, little, other, little more technical stuff, but if you take pictures with it, it'll shoot.

It'll shoot up. It'll be even more than a hundred. You're like you, you'll probably legitimately start hitting to thousands and then that business will appreciate you. Right. And then you, yeah, you get me a lot of exposure, whatever, and then you can also negotiate something. So, Hey, can I put my business card in your store?

So something like that. So there's a lot of opportunity there. I would probably, uh, I would probably go. I was so I would start systematically implementing all of this, but I would probably go back, take some pictures of the store, maybe the owner, and then, uh, like pretty it up, make it a little bit better and then watch those reviews shoot up.

You said it's a hundred now. I bet you, it shoots up to the thousands and probably a few months. Man. That was awesome. That is awesome. I mean, that's another, another notch or another feather to put in your cap, uh, real estate agents, as far as just to get your name out there and kind of pin it to where people are already looking at, man.

That's awesome, man. Well, listen, man. Thanks for your time. Again. All of, uh, All of Jerome's information and his contact information will be in a description. And, um, definitely reach out to that brother, if you do have any questions, if you want to get your, uh, Facebook ads, right? If you want him to do 'em for you or with you, or you wanna do it by yourself.

They got everything that you need, man. You got any, um, any last things that you wanna say? Ma'am uh, last thing I wanna say is for you don't don't be, I'm here for you, man. I'm here. We, we work as a team. So if you need anything, just reach out to me. Let me know. I got you. Got you brother. Thanks, man.

Absolutely. All right. So I will see y'all next week on a social media for a real estate agent podcast. Ma'am take care.



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