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Episode Eight - John Clare - Responses Part 2
Episode 824th July 2020 • The Thunder Mutters • Becky Dellow/Adam Horovitz
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Welcome to the eighth bumper episode of The Thunder Mutters; part two of our series of responses by living writers and musicians to the work of John Clare

We’ll be coming back in a fortnight with John Clare’s ‘August’ from The Shepherd's Calendar but, in the meantime, please do continue to send in your recordings of tunes and poems. 

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Here is the episode listing in order of appearance:

‘Lilac Elegies’ - Kate Noakes 

‘Remember Dear Mary’ – Clare's poem set to music by David Rowe

‘Shepherds Warnings’ - Martin Figura 

‘Brown Hare, Orkney’ - Julie-Ann Rowell 

Fieldfares – Jane Lovell 

'Grinder' – played by Becky Dellow

‘Pointings’ - Philip Gross 

‘Only Chrysalides Remained’ - Alun Hughes

'Tommy Jenkins' & 'Lady Compton's Whim' – played by Neil Brookes

‘The North Road’ - David Clarke

'Oft Have I Travelled' - Katy Evans-Bush

'Stony Steps' - played by Becky Dellow

'The poet rises...' - David Urwin

'I Am' - Clare's poem set to music by Patrick Lester-Rourke

'Stalking' - David Howard

'Songnotes for John Clare' - Tiffany Atkinson

'Peggy's Band' - played by Becky Dellow

'The Enclosures' - Alan Hill

'Royce Wood, Helpston' - Sarah Tait

'Micromys Minuta' - Rebecca Gethin

'If John Clare Was My Father' - Jessica Mookherjee

'Bard's Legacy' - played by Becky Dellow

 The Thunder Mutters’ theme tune is ‘The Gardengate’ from John Clare’s tune manuscript book