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HTW-Ep 125 Why Apply? Brian Is Glad He Finally Did.
Episode 12518th August 2022 • Hunt the World • Rolling Bones Outfitters
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There’s an old Powerball saying that goes “you can’t win if you don’t play.” The same might be said when if comes to applying for tags. In this episode Brian talks with Brad about how he almost didn’t bother to apply this year and Brad convinced him otherwise. The result was pretty amazing for the particular tags that Brian ended up applying for - and the lessons he learned for all hunters when it comes to applying. It's our final podcast recorded in Bone Cave II before the crew moves into the brand new studio, Bone Cave III. And this week’s podcast is brought to you by our featured hunt - DIY Alaska Range Caribou / Black Bear and Wolf Combo Hunt catalog number RB-19397-09 or click here.