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Ep. 10 - Goose Ex Machina
Episode 1030th October 2021 • Swords And Sages Candlekeep Mysteries • Quests And Chaos
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After a successful night of gambling and fact-finding, our group is ready to get some sleep. But someone is waiting for Sabacthani, and the town seems very interested in the intrepid adventurers. Will they succeed in helping the jackalweres with their goal, or will Baldur's Gate prove too strong for them?Welcome to Candlekeep, the greatest library in the Forgotten Realms. A citadel dedicated to knowledge and learning which welcomes Seekers of Knowledge, so long as they come with a gift of further knowledge. Welcome, gentle travelers, and enjoy your time. But beware the booksl some hold adventures that could prove...dangerous.

Welcome to Swords and Sages, a new D&D 5e campaign from Quests and Chaos! Join DM Tiana Hanson as she takes a strange blend of adventurers through Candlekeep Mysteries!  Thomas Koch, Ezra Denney, Laura Domingo, James Aaron Oh, and Alandra Hileman join the chaos, er, mysteries.

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