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56 | Behind the Scenes: Louise Thompson shares her coaching business journey
Episode 564th April 2024 • Women in The Coaching Arena • Joanna Lott
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There is nothing better than hearing from real qualified coaches who are in this arena Listen in to hear leadership coach, Louise Thompson's business journey. Louise shares her journey of building a successful coaching business, including how she leveraged TikTok to grow her audience and attract clients from around the world.


[00:00:00] - Intro and welcome

[00:01:00] - Jo introduces the episode and the conversation with Louise Thompson

[00:02:00] - Louise shares her background and coaching niche

[00:03:00] - Louise discusses joining Jo's program, The Business of Coaching, and her motivations

[00:04:00] - The turning point that led Louise to invest in the program

[00:05:00] - How the program's community and approach were most helpful for Louise

[00:06:00] - Changes in Louise's business since joining the program

[00:07:00] - Louise's success story of growing a large following on TikTok

[00:08:00] - An update on Louise's current client roster

[00:09:00] - Discussing TikTok strategies with Jo

[00:10:00] - Louise's biggest takeaways from the program

[00:11:00] - What's next for Louise's business

[00:12:00] - How the program boosted Louise's confidence

[00:13:00] - Who Louise would recommend the program to

[00:14:00] - What others should know about working with Jo

[00:15:00] - Jo's reflections and lessons from Louise's story

[00:16:00] - Details on joining Jo's Business of Coaching program

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