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Ep 98: How to Build Your Engine AND Crush Strength PRs with Brent Miller
Episode 987th November 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Are you currently building your engine and crushing strength PRs in your training?? Joining me on the show today is longtime client of Rebel Performance, Brent Miller. Brent is a strength coach at TNT Fitness; so why is he training with us at Rebel? In his own words, “Coaches need coaches, too.

A lot of strength coaches do train with us, but we also have plenty of former athletes who just want to reclaim their athleticism. A client told me the other day, “I’m not on a playing field anymore, so I just want to dominate this leaderboard of life,” and that’s a statement we at Rebel can get down with. Brent and I dive into his primary frustration that brought him to Rebel and why the accountability piece of having a coach and other like-minded humans around to push you is so important. We then talk all things strength and the range in which we can express it.

Here’s a look at how Brent’s strength has increased significantly in just 14 weeks: his squat went from 420 lbs to 510 lbs; his bench went from 329 lbs to 360 lbs; his deadlift went from 511 lbs to 547 lbs. Thats not all. Here’s a look at how Brent’s engine has increased in the last 14 weeks: his Death Race time went from 14:43 to 14:13; his push, pull, row AMRAP went from 4 rounds to 4.75 rounds; his Row Burpee Metcon went from 7:38 to 7:18. These are only a few examples, and you too can have these results. Listen in to the episode to hear how you can build your engine and crush strength PRs just like Brent and all other Rebel athletes.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • [05:14] How long Brent’s been training with Rebel Performance
  • [06:42] Brent’s primary frustration that brought him to Rebel
  • [11:59] Why you need accountability
  • [14:57] Brent’s big wins at Rebel
  • [17:25] The range of expressing your strength
  • [19:48] Big lessons Brent has learned through training with Rebel
  • [21:48] The importance of following what’s written
  • [24:40] Balancing your deposits and withdrawals
  • [29:01] The actualities behind fitness trackers
  • [31:39] Brent’s one piece of advice
  • [33:57] Why you should join Rebel
  • [34:45] Where to find Brent and TNT Fitness


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