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Create Magic at Work, with Amy Lynn Durham
Episode 6519th April 2021 • Entelechy Leadership Stories • Kirstin Gooldy & Mark Stinson
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Amy Lynn Durham is a corporate mystic, CEO, and executive coach/founder of Create Magic at Work. She is also the author of Create Magic at Work

Amy Lynn places emphasis on coaching and leadership development surrounding the 21 traits associated with spiritual intelligence. Her range spans from performance intelligence to where the majority of her leadership development takes place in spiritual intelligence, otherwise known as SQ. Several traits associated with spiritual intelligence include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Spontaneity
  • Being vision-and value-led 
  • Holism
  • Compassion 

Amy Lynn’s latest book: Create Magic at Work, delves into filling a void for individuals that feel isolated and burnt out from loneliness in the workplace. Vulnerability and connection within a team don’t happen by coincidence, but with intention. She teaches her readers to learn some practical rituals which elevate emotional and spiritual intelligence. Amy Lynn draws parallels between her theories and Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which state that five categories of human needs dictate an individual's behavior: physiological needs, safety needs, love, and belonging needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs.

Amy Lynn seems to have an incredible understanding of the untouched spiritual realm that restrains and stands between leaders and their innovators. She mentions the incessant need for more companies to move away from the financial power ideal, and into connectivity that breeds authenticity within the workplace.

Amy Lynn says, “I was at home doing all of the spiritual growth activities and I was finding that they were really impacting my leadership in the workplace. When I would go to work, I couldn’t figure out a way to combine the two because I was in that competitive corporate space of quotas and answers to the shareholders, all those things. Day by day showing up as your authentic self in any place. You can show up and be your authentic self in any space no matter where you are.”

We are all encapsulated with a burning desire to show up as our authentic selves. According to Amy Lynn, “You have to maintain connection, you can’t be in isolation to coregulate. It’s a ton of inner work to show up as being confident.” It seems that we should all initiate the daily reprieve in heightened self-esteem and working towards being our authentic selves. Just like everything in life, it takes work.

Other resources referenced in this episode:

Miles Downey, Modern Effective Coaching

Dr. Mark Rittenberg, Berkeley Coaching Institute 

The polyvagal theory

SQ21 work and skill assessment by Cindy Wigglesworth at Deep Change, Inc.

“The Moses Code” on YouTube

Metatron’s Cube meaning and Jenny Stinson, Reiki Master & Teacher

If you would like to learn more about Amy Lynn Durham, she pulls a card live each day on her Linkedin to prompt a creative approach. You can also find her at:

Amy Lynn Durham




Create Magic at Work book

Card deck 


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