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THE ROC Wales Triathlon: Behind the Scenes
Episode 18024th May 2023 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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This week we catch up with the five women who will be taking on THE ROC Wales in September 2023 as part of the Inside Tri Show team. It's a unique format for a triathlon: 1500m sea swim, 50km bike, 12km mountain run, 50km bike, 1km beach run. The five women all have very different backgrounds, very busy lives and they're passionate about showing what is possible. Plus you'll find out how host Helen gets on, taking on the early season 'THE ROC Wales,' her first triathlon since a DNF at Lakesman in 2021.

You'll hear:

Find out how training is going for Ceri, Millie, Beth, Nia and Meg. You'll relate to one of them, if not all of them, in one way or another!

  • Juggling training and family life and mum guilt
  • Training around shift work
  • Staying motivated when you don't have a coach
  • Getting to grips with not being as fast as you used to be
  • Not being scared to take on a challenge
  • Worrying you'll be last
  • Dealing with iron deficiency anaemia
  • Building up the courage for sea swimming
  • Finding a way to make things work

Plus! How did Helen train for an early season race? what did she make of THE ROC? how was it finally racing again after the DNF at Lakesman in 2021?

Find out more about this week's guest:

Nia Meleri Instagram

Ceri Instagram

Meg Instagram

Beth Instagram

Millie Instagram

THE ROC Triathlons website

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