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85. Christine Olivia Hernandez - Tapping Into Your Inner Magic
Episode 8516th August 2019 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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In this episode, Lance and Christine Olivia Hernandez talk about her journey of spiritual awakening, healing and growth and the magic of ceremonial cacao.

Christine Olivia had a rough childhood. Her mom was young when she had her and her father left them when she was only three years old. Her father committed suicide later on when she was 22 and this tragedy brought her to her lowest point - numbing her feelings with booze, going out, and being in unhealthy relationships. Her life started to change when one day she tried hot yoga for the first time. After falling in love with it, she went to yoga teacher training and got introduced to ceremonial cacao in Bali. 

Today, Christine Olivia is an author, cacao ceremonialist, and muse. She recently published her first book, entitled "A Child of Magic". She enjoys creating, expressing, and helping others through storytelling and cacao ceremonies. Christine’s Guatemalan ancestors have deeply connected her to the gentle plant medicine cacao. In ceremonial settings she serves the sacred “Gift of gods” and guides her clients back to their hearts with love. 

Christine tells listeners: “Tap into your inner child and ask it what you need in the moment.”


  • How to handle grief and heartbreak
  • How to break through from toxic relationships
  • Healing and health properties of ceremonial cacao
  • More about spiritual awakening and healing

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