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David Stolle Answers the King of Tennis Question
Episode 47 β€’ 16th November 2023 β€’ GoTennis! Premium Content β€’ Shaun Boyce, Geovanna Boyce, and Bobby Schindler
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Clipped from Episode#:47 Shaun Boyce & Bobby Schindler

In this episode we talked to David Stolle and Stewart Russell of UTA who has been a staple of metro Atlanta tennis for over 25 years. UTA manages multiple locations throughout metro Atlanta, has a history of helping the city of Atlanta with the city facilities as well as helping private clubs grow and improve. David and Stewart walk us through a bit out the college recruiting process but more importantly we learn more about what is necessary to prepare your young player for the recruiting process.

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My King of Tennis response is going to be a little bit more geared towards tournaments.


I think we should have some tournaments during the course of the year where when the kids


sign in, the parents also get to randomly select another player in the draw and they have


to go watch that player play as opposed they're watching their own child play.


And I think by the end of it then parents are going to be less stressed because they're


going to get to watch somebody else play and hopefully enjoy the sport of tennis.


Their child is going to be able to tell the parent at the end of the day how their match


went and then they can be happy for the rest of the day.