Embodying Divine Feminine Leadership with Kori Harrison, Leader of the Trip App Team - 24
Episode 2419th May 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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Kori Harrison came from the tech start-up world in Silicon Valley and through her transformational journeys with sacred plant medicine found her way to Field Trip. At Field Trip, she has been leading (a predominantly male) team to build and develop one of the first apps in the psychedelic space, called Trip App, supporting people through the psychedelic experience that includes preparation and integration, and extends to an online community for intentional consciousness expansion, 

In this succinct and powerful conversation, Kori speaks about her transformational journey and how plant medicines continue to help support her in becoming a better leader; and a leader that fully embodies and embraces the divine feminine. 

I love everything about this conversation.  Learn more Field Trip, download the Trip App and learn more about Kori’s personal journey at koriharrison.com.


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Featured Music.

This episode features the song "Time for Greatness" by the wonderfully talented Fia.