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McKeown Q&A #5: Using Stress Resiliency, HRV, and Breathwork to Improve Sports Performance, and Integrating Breathwork into Yoga Practice
4th February 2022 • Hanu HRV • HanuHRV (owned by Hanu Health, Inc)
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Jay is once again joined by breath expert, and author of The Oxygen Advantage Patrick McKeown to discuss the breath techniques, sports performance, using breath in yoga practice, and much more including answers to the most burning questions from our loyal listeners!

In this episode, you'll discover:

-2022 HAS to be the year of stress resilience...02:00

-How to use stress resiliency, HRV, and breathwork to improve sports performance...13:00

Listener Q&A:

Kristin asks: How important is it to engage in cyclical hyperventilation before athletic activity?...43:30

In our answer, we discuss:

  • Cyclical hyperventilation is risky before a big event because it can induce lightheadedness.
  • If you choose to do it, make sure it is a part of your training, and not just something you try on the day of your big event.

Meredith asks: What are some tips on how to integrate breathwork into yoga?...49:05

In our answer, we discuss:

  • Yoga has multiple components and breathwork is one of the foundations.
  • Yoga has an enormous potential to adapt breathing exercises.
  • Under-breathing during movement to increase circulation and increase blood flow to the brain. It can have a very calming effect.
  • Exercises to target the biochemistry to have a better tolerance rate for CO2.
  • Yoga is not just about movement, it is about mastery of the mind, which requires mastery of the breath.
  • Patrick's next book is called Breathing Through Yoga.
  • Some yoga instructors may instruct students to take fuller and deeper breaths, but this is not always good advice.
  • The original intention for breath in yoga was subtle. Restraint over breathing.
  • What you learn in yoga practice is transferrable into normal daily lives.

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