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Episode 217: Francesco Nanni, Teaching Out 1-on-1 and European Coaching Insights
Episode 21725th May 2022 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Scafati Basket assistant coach Francesco Nanni joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights into teaching out of 1-on-1 and European coaching insights.


Francesco Nanni is an Italian professional coach, who has coached for over 10 years at various levels within Italy, from mini-basket to pro. Nanni currently coaches at Scafati Basket, one of the top teams in the Italian A2 league.


Nanni has worked with some of the top prospects at the youth level in Italy, as well as being well-regarded for the quality of his content sharing on various social media platforms. Nanni uses an approach that combines the best of the European style with evidence-based learning concepts that are the foundation of Basketball Immersion.



1:00 - Why One-on-One is Important

4:00 - Passing

6:30 - Dynamic Start

11:00 - Perception Process

17:00 - Giving Feedback

17:22 -18:00 - JUST PLAY AD 

22:00 - Small Sided game

24:00 - Conceptual Offense

29:00 - Being Creative in Europe

35:00 - Ball Screen Concept

39:00 - Conceptual Basketball

39:14 - 39:56 - DR. DISH AD

42:00 - Game Preparation

50:00 - Post Game Evaluation

52:00 - Pair of Eyes

54:00 - Conclusion


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