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Supply Chain Now Classic: When Mentoring Comes Full Circle- Supply Chain Leader and Legend, Tandreia Bellamy
Episode 103121st November 2022 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Over the last few years, many teams have been forced to shift their meetings and interactions into the virtual realm. Despite how fortunate they were to have the option, very few of those teams would say they took the opportunity to connect via Zoom and used it to build stronger bonds than they could have otherwise. If anyone was going to defy those odds, it would be Tandreia Bellamy.

Tandreia Bellamy has worked her way up through the ranks at UPS, starting as a supervisor while she was in college and eventually becoming the Vice President of Industrial Engineering for UPS Global Freight Forwarding. During the height of the pandemic, her team used their virtual meetings to figure out how they were going to move ventilators through the supply chain. But once that work was done, they realized they were having such a blast that they didn’t want it to end.

In this classic episode, Tandreia tells Supply Chain Now hosts Scott Luton and Greg White about her team’s year of virtual adventures and bonding:

– The Halloween costumes, cookbook, best virtual background competition, and more

– Her concerns about the shortage of all commercial truck drivers, but especially those qualified to drive fuel tankers, and what it may do to the economy

– Her involvement with the service provider TommyRun now that she has retired from UPS, an entrepreneurial list-mile delivery service focused on construction materials and supplies

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