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Diversity Hiring: Elevating Women In The Workplace
Episode 1520th April 2021 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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While the COVID-19 pandemic was hard on just about everyone, it also helped provide some introspection. With so much upheaval over the last year in processes and even organizational hierarchy; many companies have been making strides to become more inclusive. However, not enough has been done to boost women’s voices, especially minority women, when thinking about diversity hiring practices.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer is joined by Trish Torizzo, the CEO of Triple Hill Consulting and Ascentiya. Trish shares her story, going from being the CIO at Hologic at the start of the pandemic to starting two companies of her own with a mission to help women in the workplace. Jennifer and Trish discuss the disappointing statistics, what’s needed to fix them, and why companies should be focusing their diversity hiring practices on getting more women into C-suite roles

Act 1: Change on top of change

Trish’s introduction and background (0:48)

Jennifer and Trish go over some of the highlights from Trish’s career, including some of the companies she’s held an executive role at.

Life as the pandemic hit (3:04)

Trish details some of the hurdles she had to face immediately when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Quick change (4:30)

With the need to implement changes in a matter of hours, not days, Trish got to work. She explains how she had to think, behave, and act differently in order to accommodate the quick changes.

Personal change (5:22)

Trish didn’t have to deal with change just in business but in her personal life as well. She explains how and why she left Hologic in order to form her own consulting company -- Triple Hill Consulting -- and a corporate advisory service -- Ascentiya.

Act 2: Helping women

Change the statistics (9:46)

With some shocking statistics surrounding women in the workplace, Trish felt compelled to found her company Ascentiya to help change those numbers during a global pandemic. 

Focusing on diversity hiring (13:17)

With so much upheaval over the last year, companies have found themselves scrambling to reorganize and restructure. Trish explains why companies should focus on diversity, especially bringing women into the C-suite.

Act 3: Diversity hiring and working to become more inclusive

Making the shift now (23:21)

Trish believes those companies that now begin changing their perspectives and processes to help women in the workplace will reap the rewards. She details the key changes companies need to make in order to find and attract diverse talent.

Coaching men in diversity (27:16)

With Ascentiya, Trish coaches women in their careers and companies in finding diverse talent. However, she takes a slightly different approach when coaching men to create a more diverse workforce. That starts with improving the culture of a workplace.

Act 4: Surviving and thriving

A woman’s experience in the workplace (32:52)

Even with all the diversity hiring practices in place, a culture that isn’t set up properly can send out signals to those very hires that they aren’t welcome. Jennifer and Trish talk about how poor workplace culture can demotivate people and impact employee retention. 

Biggest surprises (33:50)

Trish shares what she was most surprised by during the coronavirus pandemic, including the resiliency of people. 


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