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Thriving on the Acquisition Trail – with Frank Costa, COO of World Insurance Associates
Episode 41st December 2020 • The Insurance Coffee House • Insurance Search
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Season Two - Episode Four

Joining us on Episode Four of the Insurance Coffee House USA, we have Frank Costa who is the COO of World Insurance Associates.

World Insurance Associates are very much on the Acquisition Trail and as COO, Frank is a leading driving force both on the new target strategy and also the integration of the acquired businesses into the company.

Frank shares with us how to thrive when on the Acquisition Trail so that the new company integrates successfully, the existing company continues to perform and grow organically whilst also pipelining up to eleven acquisitions per month!

It's no wonder Frank has changed his coffee of choice from a skimmed vanilla latte to a double espresso and he joins us on the Insurance Coffee House USA to also talk about the opportunities for talent at World Insurance Associates as well as the culture and ethos that makes it such a great place to work.

If you are an Insurance Business Owner considering selling your business, or an Insurance Business Leader considering acquisition opportunities at the moment, this is a must listen for you.

Frank encourages listeners to reach out to him after the show with any comments or questions. You can do this via his LinkedIn page or email at

The Insurance Coffee House is hosted by Nick Hoadley, CEO of Insurance Search, the executive search consultancy for the Insurance and Insurtech sectors in the United States and UK.

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