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False Flags, False Narratives: 2014 Maidan, 2022 Mariupol, Bucha | Learner's Digest S3.3 # 11
Episode 416th January 2023 • Business Games • Business Games Ltd
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2014 Maidan, 2022 Mariupol and Bucha. One is a proven false-flag massacre perpetrated by the Ukrainian far-right. The others fit similar patterns. Having already made a case for why this is not a coincidence, I discuss further implications.

Here, I give more background to my Mariupol & Bucha: Narrative v Reality article, how it came together, and what makes me confident about the conclusions.

The text version of this Newsletter episode with all the links is here: False Flags, False Narratives.

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  • False Flags: Censoring Peer-Reviewed Academic Study as a "Political Decision" [00:00]
  • False Narratives: War Crimes [04:32]
  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent [09:16]
  • Critically Thinking [18:52]
  • Who Shot at the Mariupol Humanitarian Corridors [21:28]
  • What Really Happened in Bucha [25:22]
  • Conclusion [32:35]