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16. How To Summer Proof Your Business
3rd May 2023 • Women On The Rise with Jen Blandos - Powered By Female Fusion • Jen Blandos
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In this episode of Women on the Rise, Jen is sharing tips with you on how to prevent your business from experiencing a drop in sales during the summer.

You'll learn about the importance of planning ahead, tracking your business's financial, sales, and marketing numbers, and developing a summer marketing plan.

You'll discover:

  • Why it's essential to regularly track key metrics, such as customers, social media numbers, website traffic, and media engagements.
  • How to plan for the summer season and create a summer marketing plan that focuses on creating value and engagement for your audience.
  • The benefits of thinking creatively and outside the box, such as offering summer promotions, creating seasonal content, or partnering with other businesses to increase visibility and sales.

Jen also emphasises the importance of having a profitable business and the value of planning for the summer as part of your business processes from the very beginning. By following these tips, you can summer-proof your business and avoid a drop in sales during the summer months.



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