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Meant to Move - Practicing Pleasure through Sensuality & Embodiment
Episode 36th May 2022 • This Thing Called Movement • Marie Janicek
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In our third installment of Meant To Move, Marie and Julia focus on the connection between embodiment and pleasure, and explore the obvious and not-so-obvious ways these aspects of our humanity are intimately linked.

To start, this conversation kicks off by digging into the central channel of our embodiment: our movement & exercise practices, why so many of us find these practices to be unpleasant and uncomfortable (physically, mentally, & emotionally), and how prioritizing the sensations of our body over what our bodies “look” like (not just aesthetically, but when we move as well) helps us begin to cultivate more pleasure.

In fact, when discussing how to cultivate pleasure in movement, Marie & Julia discuss how kids are some of their greatest role models. They are so beautifully proficient at prioritizing their enjoyment of every minute (or more honestly, every second) of their lives. And even in our adulthood, we can earn great rewards by nurturing our own inner child whenever we can.

And as you probably expected when first reading the title of this episode, they steer this topic of pleasure into the realm of sensuality and sexuality (because let’s be real — these are key players in the field here). Both of these factors are key elements to our wellbeing, yet historically have been left out of these discussions (thankfully the out-dated sense of taboo is loosening its grip). They share their own personal stories of learning to enjoy their own bodies, masturbation, orgasm, and healing the shame and trauma that so many of us feel in this space.

To bring us to the finish of this episode, Julia shares some recent insights and experiences in her movement journey, and Marie offers new ways to tune into a deeper sense of pleasure & play in our bodies and bring our embodiment practice to a new level.

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Meant To Move is a special podcast collaboration dedicated to the power of movement and embodiment, co-created by Marie Janicek & Julia Szpor as part of the “Being Better” and “This Thing Called Movement” podcasts.




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