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A Handful of Hope - Jesse Brisendine EPISODE 178, 26th July 2021
178. My Friendship With Doubt - Diane Scabilloni
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178. My Friendship With Doubt - Diane Scabilloni

We cover:

* Learning to follow the prompts

* The benefit of putting down your armor

* Using joy as a GPS

And much more

To provide help and support for the children, parents, and families across the country during the pandemic, Diane has been sharing her inspiring stories for kids, which talk about the challenging and emotional topics they face in an empowering way.

Inspired by the work of Mister Rogers, Diane's new children's books, My Friendship with Doubt and Rulers Don't Measure, guide little ones to identify and dissolve their doubts and help them recognize their inner strength and self-worth.

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