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Catholic asks about Tradition | Apologetics Live 0005 | CARM | Striving for Eternity
26th October 2018 • Apologetics Live • Andrew Rappaport
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(Note: Matt and Andrew spoke a bit about an earlier caller to Matt’s weekday broadcast in regard to the question: Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?……………….which lead into a mention of the recent articles published by Matt on annihilationism.) ​See a great deal of information to explore on this topic at: “Annihilationism” (Note: There was some crosstalk of “How” some contemporary apologists suffer from misunderstandings between one another’s definitions and perhaps even more unfortunate, misrepresentations are often presented as a result. This frequently results in a distraction from promoting the Gospel.  Those opposed to Reformed Theology and specifically Calvinism were briefly discussed.) ​As an example of an accurate portrayal of Calvinism I offered the link to: For anyone interested, to explore: I further offered: Disputable issues should not be a source of division among Christians, see: “Romans 14:1-12, Don’t pass judgment”… (Note: Ariel, a practicing Roman Catholic participant in the hangout began a series of interesting questions which covered some wide ranging topics and a variety of issues.) ​Sola Scriptura defined:… “How did the early church practice Sola Scriptura before the Bible existed? ”… ​According to Roman Catholicism, Sacred Tradition and the Bible together provide the foundation of spiritual truth….See more on this topic at: “Is the Bible alone sufficient for spiritual truth?” ​… ​You may see this article on CARM at: “Does the Roman Catholic Church have the authority of Christ? ”… ​Also see: “How did the early church practice Sola Scriptura before the Bible existed? ”… ​You may be interested in “Early Church Fathers’ Quotes on Scripture Alone is final Authority ”… ​You may also like: “What about faith alone and protestants before the Reformation? ”… ​You can examine some of these questions at: “Questions for Catholics on Sacred Tradition ”… ( Note: Some quotations were offered to document official Roman Catholic teachings of a variety of issues as the conversation proceeded.) ​The penitent person must willingly submit to its requirements of having a contrite heart, perform verbal confession, and be completely humble (CCC, 1450). ​It is part of the process that restores the person to God’s grace (CCC, 1468, 1496). It includes works of reparation (CCC, 1491). ​Excerpted from ​ “Reasons why the Apocrypha does not belong in the Bible”… Also see: “What is the Canon?” (Note to a chat participant:  REDACTED we reject the RCC errors and false teachings, not Roman Catholics….A list of false teachings in the Roman Catholic Church… See more on this topic at: “Are we justified by faith (Romans) or by works (James)?”… “Are we saved by faith alone, or do we need works, too? ”… For those of you who have a love and concern for Roman Catholics, Examine more helpful information to assist you when talking to Roman Catholics: Verses Showing Justification by Faith… ​Explore this more at: “Justification and Sanctification: What is the Difference?”… This topic is dealt with very well at: “Is sin a legal debt to God?”… Also see: “Did Jesus equate sin with debt? ” https://carm.




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