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59. Overcoming Anxiety + Finding Support | With Anne Brady
Episode 5923rd November 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Today on the podcast we are talking all about anxiety! Anxiety is so tied to our hormonal health, along with many other factors, so I am so glad we are chatting about this subject on the pod. Anxiety was really the catalyst for me getting into this work. I am so passionate about mental health and how nutrition, hormones, lifestyle, and energy work ALL play an integral role.

This is why I am excited to have Anne Brady on the show today. Anne is a social worker and business owner with a private therapy practice here in Columbus, OH. She specializes in treating anxiety and trauma, and has a passion for helping people connect back to themselves, and find their way to wellness.

I can’t wait for you all to tune-in to this very helpful episode and learn some amazing tools for anxiety relief.

We Chat About:

  • My story with anxiety
  • Being open and honest about anxiety and mental health
  • How to get out of bad anxiety habits
  • Understanding you’re not broken
  • Factors that can contribute to anxiety
  • The mental health stigma


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