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Travis Hunter-Lull
Episode 321st June 2021 • Pandemic Sexuality • Emma Katz
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Travis Hunter-Lull

Travis was born in the mid 1980s and never knew a world without HIV/AIDS. In this episode, he recalls how the disease shaped his early sexual exploration, and how the skills he learned to manage risk have become useful in the age of COVID-19.

You can find Travis on Twitter @tjlull.

Mathew Rodriguez

Mathew Rodriguez is a journalist, essayist and cultural critic. He is the senior editor at The Atlantic and was previously an editor at TheBody, an HIV/AIDS news website.

His April 2020 article "COVID-19 and HIV Are Not the Same. But They’re Similar in Many Ways That Matter." was quoted in this episode.

You can find him on Twitter @mathewrodriguez and on his website