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Snipd, Disco-Free and Usermaven
Episode 315th June 2023 • Podcasting Resources Guide • Juergen Berkessel
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In today's episode, we'll cover Snipd, an AI-powered podcast player app that generates summarized notes, Disco Free by Headliner, an AI-powered plugin for expanding audience engagement, and Usermaven, a tool for providing data-driven insights into listener behavior.

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Welcome to the Podcasting Resources Guide, the ultimate companion podcast to keep you updated on all things podcasting. In this podcast, we delve into our latest reviews and updates on podcasting platforms, tools, techniques, and industry news. Subscribe now to stay in the loop and be the first to know about the latest podcasting trends and resources. In today's episode, we'll cover Snipd, an AI-powered podcast player app that generates summarized notes, Disco Free by Headliner, an AI-powered plugin for expanding audience engagement, and Usermaven, a tool for providing data-driven insights into listener behavior.

Today we're going to dive into Snipd, an AI-powered podcast player app that's transforming the listening experience for podcast enthusiasts! So, what makes Snipd so extraordinary? Well, it's solely designed to help users never forget an important idea from a podcast episode again. Imagine simply tapping on your headphones when you hear something noteworthy and an AI-generated overview with key takeaways from the episode is created. Think of it like having your personal podcast note-taker!

From podcast engagement to discoverability, Snipd offers a plethora of benefits for podcasters. Their AI-generated summarizations make episodes easier to navigate, understand, and retain valuable information, subsequently boosting audience engagement. Additionally, Snipd enhances podcast discoverability by improving search visibility through the power of AI.

What's more, Snipd literally snips your podcast listening woes by seamlessly integrating with podcasting headphones, empowering listeners to curate episode highlights effortlessly!

But there are pros and cons, according to our review on the Podcasting Resources Guide. Snipd increases engagement, loyalty, and podcast discoverability on the positive side. It also simplifies your podcast consumption by providing episode summaries and encourages listeners to share key moments. However, there are a few potential caveats to consider. For example, there's a dependence on AI technology for accurate summarization, it may not work as well with complex podcast topics, and it's currently limited to English podcasts.

Despite these cons, the team at Polymash believes Snipd is an invaluable tool for podcasters looking to increase engagement and loyalty from their audience. Just bear in mind that AI-generated summaries might not be perfect for all podcast topics or non-English content.

To sum things up, we can say the Snipd team has done a splendid job of elevating the podcast listening experience while providing tangible benefits for podcast creators. For more information on Snipd, check out their website at, or visit our review on the Podcasting Resources Guide at

At Polymash, we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools to help your podcast grow. Today, we want to introduce you to Disco Free by Headliner, a game-changing podcast discovery tool that we can't stop raving about.

So, what makes Disco Free so special? It's a powerful, AI-powered plugin designed specifically for podcasters who are looking to expand their audience. The plugin does this by embedding contextually relevant episode recommendations on your website or blog. What's interesting is that it promotes your podcast seamlessly by matching keywords from your show's transcripts and pages.

As podcasters ourselves, we love Disco Free's easy-to-use interface and customizable widget design. But what truly sets it apart is its ability to effectively drive podcast listener conversions while offering real-time analytics via the Headliner Dashboard.

That being said, Disco Free is best suited for episode recommendations and has a slight limitation for podcasts with poorly optimized transcripts. Additionally, user traffic is directed to the Headliner website, which is not ideal for SEO. But the good news is that the developers, including founder Oliver Wellington, are continuously working to improve the platform.

At Polymash, we believe Disco Free by Headliner is a must-try for podcasters placing emphasis on their podcast website. With a free version for starters and a seamless integration with WordPress, there's almost nothing to lose. Disco Free is definitely worth giving a look.

Want to learn more? Check out our complete review of Disco Free at

Are you interested in enhancing your podcast website performance by making data-driven decisions based on user interactions? Well, we have got something really exciting to share! Recently, we reviewed a new tool called Usermaven, and it definitely captured our attention.

With Usermaven, you can automatically track all website events related to your podcast and get meaningful insights into listener behavior. That's important. Plus, it means you won't have to depend solely on Google Analytics anymore. Want to know more? Check out our complete review on

So, what's the most unique feature of Usermaven? It's built to help you answer crucial questions. Which episode pages receive the most engagement? How many people click the "follow" or "subscribe" buttons? Or even which episodes prompt users to sign up for email notifications? Also, it lets you measure the success of your lead magnets, offers, and advertising campaigns, such as Facebook or Spotify Ads.

Keep in mind that while Usermaven is not exclusively built for podcasters, it offers pre-built reports, privacy-friendly analytics, unlimited workspaces, and customized funnel analysis. Essentially valuable features for podcasters who wish to track and optimize their website visitor engagement.

The best part about Usermaven is its user-friendly platform and well-designed reports that offer quick insights. However, it's important to note that podcasters may require additional tools to get podcast-listening specific analytics to fully optimize their marketing, episode content, and subscriber growth.

For more information about Usermaven, please visit their official website at

And, if you found this helpful, be sure to check out more reviews on our Podcasting Resources Guide

Today we covered the benefits of Snipd, an AI-powered podcast player app, Disco Free by Headliner, an AI-powered plugin for podcasters, and Usermaven, a valuable tool for data-driven decisions on listener behavior; thank you for tuning in, don't forget to subscribe!



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