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What if objects could talk with Hannah Cushion
Episode 899th March 2023 • The Art Engager • Claire Bown
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I have a guest for you today on the show. I’m really happy to be talking to Hannah Cushion about her work as an artist and educator. 

Hannah is an artist and museum educator working in London and Oxfordshire in the UK. Her work is interested in themes around archiving and preservation. She’s interested in why we keep the things we keep and who we're keeping them for. 

Since receiving a creative practice grant from Arts Council England in 2021, Hannah has been looking at ways to directly connect her museum practice with her art practice. 

This has led to the development of the Memory Bank Project, a collection of stories and memories connected to everyday objects. 

In our chat today, Hannah and I discuss how inclusivity, curiosity, and the opportunity to collaborate with people and to create meaningful connections with objects and between people are really important values in her practice.

Museum labels tell us one story but what if the objects themselves could talk? How do we encourage people to include their own stories and experiences when we talk about objects? 

As this project develops Hannah is exploring how she can adapt her skills as a facilitator to her role as a story collector.

We talk about what the Memory Bank Project is, how it works and how Hannah encourages participants to share their personal connections, stories, experiences and memories around an object. And we tell you how you can take part too!

So here it is, enjoy!


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