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Bumper and Jingle for Your Podcast
Episode 36th February 2021 • Tea Party Media • Martin Lindeskog
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Tea Party Media podcast has a new bumper and jingle.

Excerpt from a related piece of content (I Am Being Tested, EGO NetCast podcast, January 17, 2021):

My main focus is to finish the work with my ”last,” site, and launch TeaParty.Media as soon possible. For the record: the name Tea Party Media is not associated with a political party or the modern tea party movement in any form, shape or manner. That said, I will continue to publish posts and episodes on politics and the tea party movement. I will also talk about what happened at the Boston Tea Party in 1773. In this day and age, it is more than ever an important issue to understand the history, and learn from it, don’t you think?

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