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Meeting the Funcles
Episode 7926th December 2023 • Family Twist • Corey and Kendall Stulce
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This special episode, recorded on Thanksgiving 2023, brings an intimate conversation with my niece Mia, and nephews Shane and Nolen. They are my brother Chris' children, and the story of how our family found each other six years ago still tugs at my heartstrings. They call Corey and me their "funcles." Join us as Corey takes the lead in exploring their thoughts and emotions upon discovering they had uncles they never knew about.

Meeting the Funcles

Episode Highlights:

  1. The Moment of Discovery: The kids share their initial reactions to learning about their newfound uncles, expressing surprise and excitement during the first FaceTime introduction.
  2. Expanding the Family Circle: Mia, Shane, and Nolen reflect on how having more family members has made holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas more enjoyable and meaningful.
  3. Uncovering Family Secrets: They delve into their father's past, uncovering the long-held secret of his half-brothers and the impact of this revelation on their family.
  4. The Role of DNA Testing: The episode discusses how Ancestry DNA testing played a crucial role in this family reunion and the surprising prevalence of misattributed parentage.
  5. First Impressions and Life Changes: The trio recalls their emotions during their first in-person meeting at the airport, describing it as a life-changing moment.
  6. A Cross-Country Move: They discuss the significant decision of their uncles to move across the country for family, underscoring the depth of their newly formed bonds.
  7. Shared Experiences and Growth: The family shares fond memories of attending events together, like horror conventions, and reflects on how much the kids have grown since they first met.


This episode of Family Twist is a narrative of family, discovery and the strength of connections formed over time. It's a testament to the unexpected and beautiful ways families can grow and come together. If you're moved by this story of reconnection and love, please rate, follow, and review Family Twist. Your support helps us bring more heartening stories like this to you.



teary, because I love hearing the story and, this is six years old now when we met them all and Corey really talks to them about what it was like to find out that they had an uncle. Or two that they didn't know about and what it was like to meet us and that sort of thing. we think it's a fun episode and you're hearing from Mia, who is a freshman in college and Shane, who is a senior in high school and Nolan, who is a sophomore in high school.

first told you about finding [:

Like, this is actually really crazy. This is like. Actually, like, really cool. And, and so, when we first Facetimed you, I remember you had, like, a dog and, like, in your hand, like, swallowed, like, a baby. Yeah. Like, to us. I remember, like, just thinking it was, like, so crazy you were in California. Yeah. Like, all, like, literally the exact opposite side of the country.

And the fact you live on an island and all that. I remember that's, like, one of the first things we learned. But then, I just, like, I thought it was really cool, cause... we only have, one uncle and two aunts, like, total, before you guys. we have only four cousins, so to find that you have more family is always a cool thing to me.

an? Right, right. Except for [:

Yeah, that was a big. Those ones, that's a big party. That's like everyone, the extended family. Yeah. Most of the stuff we have would be like, just us and our grandmother. It's fun, it's cool having more people here we can talk to and connect to. Yeah. Mm hmm. I didn't know that you guys didn't know about that your dad had half brothers before.

He found Kendall. It's a secret. Yeah, I guess he probably expected that he would just never find out. So, yeah, because I know he, he was told by his dad that he had two half brothers, but it was kind of always just pushed off and be like, oh yeah, you got them, they're out there, but like you never gonna find 'em.

Type thing. Like Right. Like not a big deal. They're just out there like, so I don't think he planned on telling us 'cause. He probably didn't think we were ever going to know you guys or anything. When they brought it up, I was like, yo, what? I didn't realize. I also didn't realize he had known that he had half brothers.

e point he found you. Right. [:

But like now you finally get to find them. We, Kendall had no idea that I, I just always assumed that he had to have siblings because I just assumed that his parents were super young when they, but we didn't know. And I just kept saying, you know, who knows? Your parents might be alive. They might be dead.

Who knows? But there's gotta be a sibling out there somewhere. Yeah. And that's why I just, I kept pushing and pushing and pushing. We gotta figure out how to find them because. Kendall was an only child and he's got two stepsisters, but you know, he grew up as an only child. You got it. There's, there's something special as you guys know about having siblings and, and getting to experience that, that I thought was missing from his life.

at's why we did it. Your dad [:

And then he just stumbled upon it. Cross the fact that he has 2 brothers out there. I mean, he knew I think he like, Loki just kind of pushed it out of his head. Like, he didn't even like, harp on it until the discovery was made. And then he got the closure. I think most people do those tests because they want to find out about their, you know, where they came from and everything.

And I don't know if you guys know this, but 1 in 20 people. Have a misattributed parentage. Mm-Hmm. One in 20 people. . That's full high. Yeah. Mm-Hmm. it, it does, doesn't it? But it's like crazy. You know? It's like a person in my math class.

t on, they're like. I don't, [:

I know. It's a, it's another great usage for ancestry and 23andme and all those other DNA websites is that you can hopefully find these people and you're, we're missing them for your whole life. Right. Well, I don't even know there's people missing in their life too. I know. Yeah. What'd you guys think when we, when you found out we were coming to see you like a month later?

I don't respond. It's all exciting. Yeah, like not as exciting. I remember picking you guys up in the airport. Because I don't have suitcases too. Oh yeah. We still have them. They're falling apart now. Hey, at least you'll, never mix them up. That's right. Exactly. Yes. Yes. Smart. You know what I mean? Yeah.

it wasn't the same as like, [:

Absolutely. You know what I mean? So, I thought it was really exciting, and like, I knew it was gonna be like, it like, changes your life. Like having family that like, you meet, that like, they always existed, but they just were never in your life. So definitely like, life changing. Well, I know your dad was like a little bit nervous when we told him that we were moving here almost immediately.

things up and move. I'll say:

Yeah, exactly. I'd be like, Oh yeah, that I understand. But I completely understand why you guys like came here. Cause. I mean, you guys have so much family around here. And I understand that you want to be closer. I think his main worry was honestly looking at like the weather and like, like just like the environment here is like so different.

t to like the cold and like. [:

Cause I grew up in the Midwest and kind of grew up in the South, but it's like the extreme version that it's like colder than cold. And I remember more snow and ice than I remember. And then sometimes the summer is like ridiculously hot and humid. Why is it so hot? It's just, it's nuts. But I thought you were going to freeze.

Well, we did. We did. I mean, we did. We both at least grew up with or I grew up with with snow and shoveling snow and all that. But yeah, I heard about, but it had been almost a decade since I'd seen snow. Yeah, the weather is crazy . It'll be, yeah, it'll be caught for like 3 days is like 60 a day. And yesterday was like, 20, right?

ride back to San Francisco. [:

Right? For sure. I mean, meeting you all was wonderful for me and like you all just said, you know, I, I hoped I had family, but I didn't know I did right. And when I found you guys, I was like, Oh my gosh. How am I going to miss 1 more minute, you know, not getting to know you guys. Yeah, and it's just wild. Like, we look at the picture of the airport.

It's like. Those are kids. Yeah, they're adults now It feels like you guys have like like guys just moved here very shortly time ago But you guys have really honestly been here like my whole time going on like yeah. Yeah Yeah, you guys came when I was like 10. I'm 17 now and so much as I guess change and you guys have been part of that and it's pretty cool.

ing for us. Absolutely. Yeah.[:

And then you're walking up like some person I've never seen before ever in a movie. And you're like, oh my God, can I please have your autograph ? You were this guy in this movie. Yeah. And I'm like, I just, you know. Yeah. I'm sure that's weird, right? Yeah. You're like, oh my God. You were, you were,Jason Voorhees and Jason nine and 10, right?

Yes. Four of 'em. Yes. I know. I'm a horror fanatic. Yeah. Oh yeah, for sure. It's, it's insane. It's fun. But yeah, been so rewarding for us just to be able to like. See your different accomplishments and see you guys, you know, perform on the field and, you know, graduate from high school and start college.

And it's just, you know, [:

I think one really big benefit for me has been like, so, you know, we decided to move out of the Midwest, right before my niece was being born. And I wanted to make sure I didn't leave until that happened. And that was like the hardest thing I think I've ever done is like this, this little girl's not going to know me.

She's not going to know who I am, you know, and she does. And, you know, she's fantastic. But I think being here. And being part of you guys growing up has like helped replace some of that not like being with her through every like only seeing her a couple few times a year. So, yeah, that's been really great.

Cool. Thank you. We love you guys.