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Joanna Patterson: The Doctor on a triathlon mission
Episode 15630th November 2022 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Joanna Patterson a full time GP who's gone from being a novice bike rider to competing at the Commonwealth Games, pacing Nicola Spirig in the Sub 8 Project and posting a 4h24 bike split on her Ironman debut, going 9h12 in the process! Quite the 2022!

You'll hear:

06:00 Whether Jo sees herself as an athlete or a GP or a mixture of the time.

09:00 Jo talks about her background in sport, going off to Bath University and competing in Athletics for Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, just as she started her medicine degree.

12:30 How did cycling and triathlon come on the radar? After a night out !!! Jo explains how she didn't know initially just how strong she was.

16:00 When and why Jo started to work with a coach and how she went on to target a second Commonwealth Games in a completely different sport. 'I think someone said you should do this for cycling and I was like 'no way! But then I realised I did actually hit some of the criteria, so I put an expression of interest in and somehow managed to get selected for that and went to Birmingham 2022."

20:00 Her involvement with the Sub 8 project.

23:30 Using a camelbak during the National 100m TT and helping to make herself as aero as possible.

28:30 How she struggles with taking on nutrition during racing and how she did an 8-10 specific week build for Ironman Italy and did a 4h24 bike split to finish in 09h12 in her first ironman. Having never swum over 3km before.

32:30 Her plans to get her Pro card for 2023 and why her performance at Ironman Italy made her want to improve more. And how her friends have set up a go fund me page for her.

36:30 How she juggles her work as a full-time GP with her triathlon training.

40:30 An accident that Jo had on a training camp that has since affected her vision. "I think that has motivated me as well to do what I do".

Find out more about this week's guest:

Joanna Patterson Instagram

Joanna Patterson Go Fund Me Campaign

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