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Web3 Talent with Kash of Superteam
Episode 217th November 2022 • Web3 Made Simple by Ziggy • Ziggy
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We discuss the following :

  1. The founding story and team behind SuperTeam DAO.
  2. The mind bending power of international employment and what Kash thinks folks are missing. We talk about 1 mind blowing experience with one of his community members.
  3. How Kash sees labor marketplaces evolving broadly, and where web3 fits in.
  4. What Kash thinks web2 labor marketplaces don't understand about web3.
  5. What SuperTeam DAO will look like in 3-5 years.
  6. The 2-3 events over past 12-months that any web3 builder should pay attention too (note this was recorded before the FTX fallout!).
  7. The 2-3 people that Kash learns the most from in web3 and beyond.