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What Do YOU Do? Podcast - The JAM Production Company EPISODE 8, 13th September 2019
Functional Medicine and finding the balance with Sylvie Oliviera
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Functional Medicine and finding the balance with Sylvie Oliviera

Listen in on your hosts Matt & Al as they have an incredible phone call with Sylvie Oliviera, a Functional Health Coach.

The conversation begins with Sylvie sharing her story about how she started down the path to functional medicine. Having been diagnosed with celiac disease, it was inevitable that Sylvie needed to change her diet.

By cutting out gluttons and dairy and by taking care of her brain health, we discover how her journey began towards self awareness.

The conversation continues into how a balance between mind, body and the spiritual is key in finding a more fulfilling, well rounded and healthier lifestyle.

Matt & Al dive into more topics with Sylvie including Psych-K, belief systems and her interests in Dr. Joe Dispensa. How your environment can have a big impact on your health and mindset and using your body to heal itself by removing it from toxic environments.



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