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Try This Quick and Easy Anxiety Buster Visualization, Live from Istanbul Turkey
Episode 9019th April 2022 • You Lost Me at Namaste • Michelle Schoenfeld
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Hello everyone,

In this week‘s mini episode I share a quick and easy visualization that you can use anytime anywhere to combat anxiety, claustrophobia, negative thoughts, even insomnia. 

I also mention the importance of limiting your exposure to the news as well as a remembering to do regular clearings of your energy. Whether it’s a quick white light shower, Epsom salt bath or a deep meditation whatever works best for you. It’s important now more than ever to focus your attention on keeping your mindset and energy decluttered as we enter in to this historical and powerful time. 

Depending on when you’re listening to this, you can also harness the power of the April full moon, which lasts for about a week, for even deeper cleansing. 

* I recorded this episode while traveling to Istanbul without access to my equipment. please excuse any sound quality inconsistencies. 

Have a great week everyone and until next time,