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S1Ep1 - For the Love of Math and Chromatic Circuits
Episode 114th October 2023 • TropaVerse Tokenomics • Chelsea B.
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Join Digital-DJ and Crystal-Correspondent, Chelsea B., as she opens the TropaVerse. In this pilot episode, she introduces profound questions that challenge conventional wisdom about numbers, colors, and the nature of reality.

Listen to this tokenomic report explaining how mathematics influences humanity's emotional states.

As Chelsea guides listeners through this intellectual odyssey, profound ideas are explored: numbers do more than calculate; they hold energetic positions that enable breathtaking transformations and beautiful possibilities.

Tune into this CCW.Kin163 broadcast from Beta-Beta, Station 4 of the 441-SB52 Radio Network.

Prepare to reevaluate everything you thought you knew about computers, math, and blockchain technology.

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