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Taking Chances with the Mix and Recording remotely | with Vago Galindo
Episode 969th August 2023 • Progressions: Success in the Music Industry • Travis Ference
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Today’s guest is two time Grammy winning producer, engineer, and mixer Daniel “Vago” Galindo. Born in Mexico, but now based out of Los Angeles Vago has worked on a long list of amazing projects including artists such as Juanes and Elvis Costello, as well as TV and film projects such as La La Land, Beauty and The Beast, and Ni Tu Ni Yo. We have a great chat about finding mentorship in the music industry, what music engineers can learn from post production workflows, tips for recording remotely, and why we should work with people because of their musical taste and not their skills.

🗒 In this episode we'll dig in on... 🗒

  • Growing up in Mexico playing drums
  • Being too stubborn to not pursue music
  • Moving to LA and starting out in a post-production studio
  • Working for Sebastian Kris
  • The importance of having trusted peers
  • Professional voice over session flow
  • Tips for recording remotely with musicians and artists
  • Mis-quantizing loops to find inspiration
  • Working with Juanes
  • Working with people for their musical taste
  • Taking chances when mixing

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